The company is rolling out its updated and improved Foam Kit 15FR Disposable Polyurethane Foam System. The kit is a portable, self-contained dispensing system for two component polyurethane spray foam. It provides increased structural strength, as well as fire retardant sound and thermal insulation in a convenient package. The enhanced Foam Kit 15FR System features a new squeeze-trigger applicator that makes it easier to operate and provides excellent metering from low to high output. To prevent accidental spraying during setup, the new trigger automatically locks into the OFF position when it is removed from the packaging. A new T-strap cradle ensures consistent activation of product for an even layer of foam insulation. The updated kit includes new packaging designed to communicate key points about the most efficient, proper usage of the product. On the outside of the new carton, there are set-up instructions for proper operation and a prominently displayed reminder about product usage in cold temperatures. On the inside of the rear access panel, detailed operating instructions and safe usage information have been updated to be consistent with all communications regarding the use and storage of polyurethane spray foam.