Acoustical to drywall transition moldings

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Systems

The company has expanded its line of acoustical to drywall transition moldings with the addition of five new offerings. The new additions include both 9/16- and 15/16-inch Flush Transition Moldings, 9/16- and 15/16-inch Tegular Transition Moldings, and “F” Vertical Transition Molding.  Transition moldings eliminate the need for corner bead and vertical taping, a separate acoustical wall angle installation, and return framing to support a vertical drywall return. Transition moldings are easier to install than conventional transition methods because they combine an acoustical molding with a drywall taping flange. The additions also feature a pre-punched vertical web to improve screw attachment, and a knurled and slotted integral taping flange on many of the items to accommodate taping and finishing. Factory-painted to match the company’s acoustical suspension systems, the new transition moldings are compatible with all types of framing, including Armstrong Drywall Grid and ShortSpan.



Hydrophobic acrylic finishes


Tersus Finishes is a line of modified acrylic finishes designed to provide excellent water repellency and enhanced resistance to environmental soiling. The finishes provide an aesthetically pleasing surface color and texture for wall cladding systems as well as other exterior surfaces. The line utilizes a proprietary formula to produce a highly hydrophobic, non-polar surface that repels water. Its anti-soiling properties have been tested using two industry established test methods, Dirt Collection ASTM D3719 and Dade County TAS 143 (modified for textured coatings). Available in two textures (1.0 and 1.5 millimeter sand texture), the finish can be produced in a wide variety of colors.



Stronger basecoats and adhesives

Parex USA Inc.

The parent company unveils two new Parex EIFS basecoats and adhesives—121 Cool Base and 121 Dry HI (High Impact). Designed with the contractor in mind, the two new products boast extreme coolness and unsurpassed strength. 121 Cool Base is a premium, white EIFS basecoat and adhesive that is incomparable in the industry. It produces a 30 percent cooler basecoat temperature than typical basecoats and adhesives, which results in less suction and hydration when a final finish is applied. This technology allows for improved finish coverage as well as a faster and easier finish application. The company also introduces 121 Dry HI, a high performance EIFS basecoat and adhesive that is fortified with a unique blend of raw materials for increased impact and puncture resistance. It yields up to 30 percent better impact resistance (compared to standard EIFS basecoats and adhesives). 121 Cool Base and 121 Dry HI are one-component, polymer-modified, cement based dry products that are used as an adhesive to adhere EPS boards to existing substrates, a basecoat to embed reinforcing mesh and a leveler in Parex EIF Systems. Both 121 Cool Base and 121 Dry HI are shipped in 50-pound bags.



Torsion spring panels

Chicago Metallic

Blending visual sophistication and design simplicity, SpanAir Torsion Spring Panels are engineered and tested for use in all six seismic design categories (SDCs A-F), as outlined in the IBC. The panels integrate seamlessly with factory-slotted suspension grid for efficient and quick installation. Modern, clean lines combine with versatile finish options, high-performance durability and easy point-to-point access in one cost-effective, code-compliant package. Developed for expansive, interior ceiling systems, ideal applications include lobbies, assembly halls, reception areas and corridors. Creating spanning, monolithic ceilings, the panels integrate into and conceal the suspension grid, while easily incorporating air, fire, audio and other services. Made of non-combustible material, they have a Class A flame spread rating. Noise Reduction Coefficient up to 0.90 can be achieved with acoustical backing materials and a variety of perforation patterns. 



Corrugated weather resistive barrier

HAL Industries

 HAL-TEX Cor-Ply is a two-ply building paper with 3 millimeter deep corrugations. The corrugations prevent moisture entrapment by creating a drainage gap between the outer cladding and the structural wall. This gap will permit drainage of errant moisture and allow airflow behind the cladding for better drying. These rainscreen/drainage benefits are provided very economically in terms of material cost and labor savings on installation. It is a 2-ply 30 minute WRB that provides the added bonus of assured drainage.