High density weather resistive barrier


The company’s weather resistive barriers are made of a durable high density polyethylene woven substrate that possesses very high tensile strength that resists the tearing that results from high wind exposure. Superior UV treatment allows exposure for over six months without deterioration. Suitable for a wide range of climates, the housewrap (which meets 2012 Energy Code) minimizes air infiltration, allowing exterior walls to have a higher insulation performance. It also permits moisture to escape the stud wall, preventing damage to the interior wall cavity and prevents bulk water intrusion, protecting the sheathing and stud wall components.


Flexural strength prime roof board

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

DensDeck Prime 1/4-inch fiberglass mat gypsum cover boards demonstrated 2.5 times greater flexural strength, per ASTM C473 test methodology, compared to competitive 1/4-inch gypsum fiber boards. For contractors using the board, the advantage of flexural strength (the ability of a material to withstand bending loads) is that it boosts efficiency on the job site. Specific attributes include ease in handling, easy scoring and snapping with no special tools required, which means less breakage and waste—all of which can lead to significant time and potential money savings. The overall durability and performance of the product—demonstrated in its fire resistance, strength, pull-through resistance, dimensional stability and mold resistance—provides a number of other advantages for contractors.


Foundation insulation system

CertainTeed Insulation

T-Roc is a composite panel comprising GlasRoc paperless gypsum boards permanently laminated to high R-value expanded polystyrene foam. The product is easily installed within conventional concrete wall forms at the time the foundation wall is poured, eliminating the need for stud frame out, batt insulation and drywall. The combination of GlasRoc and EPS delivers superior moisture resistance and provides no food source for mold growth, minimizing mold and mildew concerns. Once installed, T-Roc can be left as installed, painted as is, or can be finished using mesh tape and setting compound, followed by painting. The system enables building professionals to bypass several costly, time-intensive tasks required to turn foundation walls into finished walls as part of a livable basement space.


Deep-leg firestop steel angle

RectorSeal Corp.

Track-Safe is a deep-leg track firestop steel angle for dynamic head-of-wall joint fire and smoke protection in all commercial buildings. The product saves up to 50 percent of installation labor vs. other firestop methods, because it is approved for installation on just one side of the wall assembly. It is provided in a 10-foot length of galvanized steel with 90-degree angle dimensions of 3/4 inch by 1½ inches and a red coating making it easily identifiable for inspection. An intumescing strip located on the interior edge prevents flame, smoke and hot gas transfer through the wall assembly. Track-Safe is tested in compliance with UL-2079 standard “Testing for Fire Resistance of Building Joint Systems” and with more than 20 UL-listed systems. Its installation requires no mechanical fasteners or anchors. Prior to drywall installation, it is friction-fit into the void between the deep leg track and a fluted pan or slab concrete deck by light tapping.