Capital Safety

The Rollgliss Technical Rescue product line is for use in industrial environments. The range of products was designed to meet the needs of rescuers for rigging, encompassing everything from simple descent systems to complicated high lines. The entire Rollgliss family of rescue products is compatible with the existing line of industrial rescue systems, including pre-rigged rescue kits, such as the Rollgliss R350, R500 and more. The line is built to be durable and reliable, especially in harsh conditions, to ensure the safety and security of workers risking their lives during rescue operations. It offers various accessories, including descenders, rigging plates, anchor straps, carabineers, ropes, and pulleys. The Rollgliss Technical Rescue product line also includes ten RescueMate Haul Kit models with either manual or automatic locking/unlocking cams to provide a safe and efficient progress capture system during personnel rescue and positioning.