Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC  

 In addition to its other wainscoting products, the company now offers Interlocking Beaded Wainscoting, a modular, interlocking beaded wainscoting system. Guaranteed to provide the look and feel of custom millwork at affordable prices, this product enables one to easily and affordably add the warmth and elegance of traditional wall and ceiling paneling to any room without the high cost, installation difficulties and other material drawbacks often associated with customary paneling. Manufactured of high-impact polystyrene in six available finishes, which includes a paintable white finish, Interlocking Beaded Wainscoting adheres to walls and ceilings using contact cement by means of a special lip on each panel that readily interlocks adjacent panels for a seamless installation without face nailing or exposed nail holes to fill.  Furthermore, because this product is dimensionally stable, it requires little to no maintenance and is impervious to moisture and insects.