The online platform provides architects and building professionals with instant access to environmental product information, eliminating the time-intensive manual research and analysis of green building projects.

The newly incorporated insulation products join CertainTeed’s catalog of ceilings solutions on ecoScorecard—providing an integrated resource for information on the company's diverse interior product offering.

ecoScorecard allows specifiers to search and evaluate products based on environmental characteristics, including 1,200 unique attributes across 20 green building rating systems. The readily accessible system automatically updates as rating systems change and offers easy access to the documentation required for project submittals.

“As the green building industry continues to evolve, it has become increasingly time-intensive for architects and builders to navigate the various rating systems and green standards that drive product specifications,” said Drew Brandt, vice president of marketing and R&D for CertainTeed's Insulation Group. “Our insulation products provide long-lasting, exceptional thermal performance and are manufactured from highly sustainable materials. By integrating our offering with ecoScorecard, it makes it easier to leverage these benefits in green building projects.”

CertainTeed offers a comprehensive line of insulation products and equipment, including time-tested and trusted fiberglass insulation batts and rolls, fiberglass blow-in insulation, polyurethane spray foam, innovative vapor retarder technology, and highly regarded HVAC products as well as insulation blowing and foam application equipment. All of CertainTeed’s insulation products can help building professionals qualify toward credits for both the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design through the U.S. Green Building Council and the National Association of Home Builders’ Green Building Program.

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