Curve – Corners for Drywall are an easy and fast way to produce smooth, tight radius corners for walls, ceilings, arches and column covers. These curved panels are produced using a patented technology for curved sandwich panels. The company offers 90-degree internal and external corners, 180-degree bull nose sections for finishing the ends of stud walls, column cover kits and multiple arches. These panels, used in combination with conventional drywall, offer multiple benefits:

  • Improved room aesthetics
  • Eliminates cleaning dead-spots
  • Increases corner insulation
  • Reduces paint chipping on corners
  • Eases traffic
  • Dramatically speeds up installation

The panels are not intended to replace drywall, rather they are a complementary addition to be used with drywall and installed in almost exactly the same way. The curved panels offer many environmental benefits including: reduced chips and dings, added insulation, low weight, space saving, reduced job site scrap and more. For more information, visit