The Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute has published four documents to add to its Technical Notes series—“Design of Nonstructural Members,” “AISI S100 Section A2.2, Other Steels,” “Corrosion Protection of Fasteners,” and “ASTM A1003-No Cause for Rejection.” These documents are available for purchase at the American Iron and Steel Institute online bookstore at

The CFSEI Technical Notes provide instruction on specific topics related to cold-formed steel framing for residential and commercial construction. The just-published documents include:

  • “Design of Nonstructural Members” (TN W105-13) — This new Technical Note introduces users to AISI S220 – North American Standard for Cold-Formed Steel Framing - Nonstructural Members and serves as an illustrative guide for applying the provisions to the design of nonstructural members. AISI S220 was developed in 2011 to help clearly delineate and eliminate confusion between the requirements for cold-formed steel structural and nonstructural members.
  • “AISI S100 Section A2.2, Other Steels” (TN G802-13) — This new Technical Note provides specific examples to demonstrate the implementation of Section A2.2, Other Steels, as found in AISI S100-12, the new edition of the North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members.   
  • “Corrosion Protection of Fasteners” (TN D100-13) — This document replaces Technical Note D100-08. It provides information on the corrosion process, available fastener finishes, methods of measuring corrosion and the relative durability of fastener finishes.  
  • “ASTM A1003 – No Cause for Rejection” (TN G801-13) — This document replaces Technical Note G801-08 and references a change to the requirements of ASTM A1003 regarding material thickness when ordering or supplying steel sheet. It provides a comparison of the requirements of A1003 with the more familiar standards traditionally used for cold-formed steel framing products, and demonstrates that steel ordered or furnished to the old standards should not be  cause for rejection. 

The CFSEI maintains a Steel Framing Hotline to answer inquiries from construction professionals seeking cold-formed steel solutions for their projects. Suggestions for additional Technical Note topics are welcomed. The Steel Framing Hotline is accessible at 1-800-79-STEEL.