Atlas Wall can already meet anticipated code changes with its Rboard line of wall insulation products. Rboard is a very cost-effective, energy efficient sheathing material that can serve as a component for an exterior wall assembly.

Each rigid foam continuous insulation Rboard has a specially-coated non-reflective glass reinforcement facer on both surfaces. Rboard is a innovative non-reflective product, which can be used behind multiple claddings such as wood, brick, vinyl, CMU or stucco.

The use of Rboard is a best practices building method and many materials can work with these facers to create specialized systems, including spray-applied air barriers and peel-and-stick membranes. Rboard is also a zero-ozone depletion potential product and versatile insulating substrate that meets ASTM E-84: flame spread less than 75.

The current International Building Code (IBC-2012) has prescriptive requirements for specific continuous insulation, which can be met when using Rboard behind various types of cladding.

Atlas Wall is responding strategically to expand its line of CI Boards and increasing efforts to manufacture more advanced rigid closed cell polyiso insulation board products. Specific installation details about all Atlas Corp. Sheathing products, plus details on Rboard’s warranty, compliance and code information, and technical bulletins can be found at