Bringing exceptional performance to the growing continuous insulation market, Atlas recently introduced EnergyShield XR Continuous Insulation, which is for both residential and commercial projects and is the only polyiso continuous insulation board designed for both above- and below-grade applications. The product allows for a more simplified and continuous insulation strategy while providing more versatility than XPS, a strong sustainability profile and a higher R-value per inch, allowing you to provide better thermal protection and streamline your wall profile.

“Four primary drivers are spurring the need for continuous insulation use throughout North America: occupant comfort, health, safety and the need to be responsible stewards of our environment,” said Ken Roberts, president of Atlas Roofing. “These challenges, combined with necessary code changes to remedy the energy loss problems faced by the building industry, [are] paving the way for continuous insulation to be the solution.”

Outperforming XPS across the board, EnergyShield XR delivers more with less, with a higher R-value per inch – this equates to a thinner profile that helps optimize wall designs and meet the latest energy codes. It also offers efficiencies like fewer truckloads, less storage space used and less material required per project. Additionally, Atlas has been responsibly manufacturing polyiso for over 30 years with a long-proven formulation, zero ozone depletion potential and negligible global warming potential. EnergyShield XR maintains its UV stability and won’t deform from heat buildup.

EnergyShield XR is perfect for residential or commercial applications and is available nationwide from eight North American manufacturing facilities. More information can be found here.