Atlas Roofing Corporation announced the complete redesign of their web presence. is now more than ever the hub for everything Atlas, including all six divisions. Specifically, users who work with Atlas roof insulation or wall insulation divisions can visit one online destination for all product, technical support, services, corporate, and divisional information and news.

Previously Atlas roofing added separate web properties for key business areas like sustainability or continuing education, and some divisions like Web Tech and EPS. Now it all begins at one address

Thanks to well-developed logic, a smooth, crisp layout, and simple navigation, is one complete company site, while at the same time a comprehensive web presence for each individual business unit. The destination of each visit is determined by a single click on the home page.

Building product users interested to learn more about Atlas or ready to do business with Atlas make the initial selection of Wall Insulation, Roof Insulation or any of the other divisions when landing on the Home page. The site immediately focuses on the division selected and the user is offered navigation specifically for that division. For example the roof insulation user is quickly and easily presented with options for insulation, ventilation, fasteners, or tools such as climate zone maps and details about Atlas University.

Atlas Wall CI offers a similar experience where users migrate through construction types or select from resources used in design, specification and installation. “It really is about providing the most important information, not leaving anything out, and doing it in as few clicks as possible,” stated Alec Minné, director of marketing for the Atlas Wall CI Division. 

The goal of the Atlas site redesign was to mirror one of the core benefits of doing business with Atlas—hundreds of product and solution combinations are available from one company to enhance building performance, from design and pre-bid to construction and retrofit. brings all those solutions to one Internet destination and makes them uncomplicated to locate and interact with.

Atlas customers are already used to experiencing quick reliable service from one of the largest manufacturing networks in the building products industry. Now they simply add quick, reliable navigation for information and solutions as an enhancement to their entire Atlas experience.