Insulated precast wall systems

Superior Walls of America

The Xi Plus product line of insulated precast concrete wall systems are custom-made for the exact needs of each project. The enhanced Xi Plus walls feature the additions of Dow Thermax reinforced polyisocyanurate insulation covering rigid foam insulation and a 4-inch insulated footer beam. A 4-inch standard floor slab may be poured equal to the height of the footer beam eliminating the need for an additional screed board. The panels are now available with a built-in insulation value of R-21.3 and can be insulated up to R-42+.


Moisture- and mildew-resistant wall panel

USG Corp.

The new Sheetrock UltraLight Panels Mold Tough is a lightweight wallboard panel with moisture and mold resistance for use in many different environments. Weighing in at 1.35 pounds per square foot, these panels are easier to lift, carry and install and are the lightest 1/2-inch mold-resistant gypsum wallboard panel available today. The panels are re-engineered, lightweight wallboard panels with a high strength-to-weight ratio composite design. With an easy score and snap, these panels install and finish just like standard drywall, making for a simple installation process. The product has a noncombustible, moisture-resistant core encased in 100 percent recycled moisture and mold resistant green face and brown back papers. The green face paper is folded around the long edges to reinforce and protect the core and the ends are cut square and even. The long edges of the panels are tapered, allowing joints to be reinforced and concealed with company brand joint treatment systems.


Platform attachment for drywall

Absolute E-Z Up

The AEUP Rocker is designed by experts in the installation of ceiling and acoustic tiles and drywall. The product simplifies the positioning of materials, eliminates the need for manual drywall lifts and makes the job safer and easier. Comprised of a lightweight, electric-powered track and a detachable, adjustable cradle that holds and lifts materials, the Rocker allows one man to lift materials without assistance. Activated directly from the platform by a simple push of a button, materials travel up the track and are held in the proper overhead location, which leaves the worker free to secure them to the joist(s). The cradle can be adjusted to hold panels up to 12 feet and can lift up to 89 pounds.


Laser distance measuring tools      


The Spectra Precision QM55 and QM95 Quick Measure distance meters are handheld laser distance meters that can be used in a wide variety of applications. The tools are designed to give contractors a one-person distance measuring tool that is easy-to-use, can be carried in a pocket and withstands the rigors of the construction job site. The QM55 Quick Measure includes a complete set of functions for construction including area, volume, continuous measure, indirect (Pythagorean) measure and stake out. Measurements can also be quickly added and subtracted. Multiple units of measure are selectable and include metric, feet, or inches. The QM95 Quick Measure provides the versatility of indoor and outdoor use. An extra-large LCD screen displays measurement information and has an illuminated display for easy reading in low light and bright light conditions. The QM95 has the longest range of the QM portfolio of products with a measurement distance up to 200 meters (650 feet). 


Drywall finishing product

Strait-Flex International

The company has launched its newest drywall finishing product, Edge-Tape. Designed to replace traditional tear away bead, the product installs twice as fast and uses half the compound of tear away bead. It is 2 inches wide and comes in a 100-foot roll so it eliminates waste and is easily transported and stored at job sites. The product has a pre-finished (paintable and sandable) paper-face that allows a skim coat to finish, saving you time and money. The PVC backing provides a rigid surface that can span gaps in drywall for a strong, straight finish. The product is used to finish drywall edges to suspended ceilings and for commercial “top out” applications where the drywall meets the concrete ceiling/deck. Unlike tear away bead, Edge-Tape can be installed by the finisher—not the carpenter—using standard compound. No adhesives or mechanical fasteners are needed. Its outer edge features a diamond punch pattern for a superior bond and faster drying with no rippling or blistering.


Fire-resistive spray foam insulation

Demilec USA

Demilec APX is an open cell spray foam insulation that can be sprayed in attics and crawl spaces without an ignition barrier or coating. The product is compliant with the stringent test requirements of the International Code Council, without the use of additional fire protection products. The product also provides all of the traditional benefits you would expect from spray foam insulation including air sealing, reducing dust and allergens, lowering utility bills and contributing to a more comfortable living environment.


Vinyl J-trim

Phillips Manufacturing

gripSTIK Vinyl J-Trim provides a finished edge at door and window openings along with other various wallboard intersections. This durable and impact resistant trim was designed with ease of installation. The product does not require any joint compound and can be nailed or slipped on. The trim is available in 1/4-, 3/8-, 1/2-, 5/8- and 3/4-inch sizes. This is just one of the products in the company’s vinyl beads and trims line. 


Rainscreen deflection system

Benjamin Obdyke Inc.

Home Slicker Rainscreen and Blockade Mortar Deflection System products provide a continuous space for drainage and drying, as well as a thermal break and pressure moderation, eliminating the threat of trapped moisture. The system allows moisture to quickly escape before it damages the sidewall materials, prevents damage from surfactants by separating the cladding from the water-resistive barrier and saves time and labor costs by eliminating the need for furring strips.


Rugged, ultra-compact field controllers

Topcon Positioning Systems

The FC-25 series of pocket-sized, rugged field controllers (FC-25 and the FC-25A) utilize Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, which comes with 256MB RAM and 2GB of flash memory. The main features of the new systems also include a lightweight design (11.3 ounces), 533MHz processor, five-key keyboard, integrated wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity and much more. Additionally, the FC-25A includes a built-in 3MP camera, compass and altimeter. Both new units are designed for optimum efficiency and productive in various work sites, including GIS and construction projects.


Stronger basecoats and adhesives

Parex USA Inc.

The parent company unveils two new Parex EIFS basecoats and adhesives—121 Cool Base and 121 Dry HI (High Impact). Designed with the contractor in mind, the two new products boast extreme coolness and unsurpassed strength. 121 Cool Base is a premium, white EIFS basecoat and adhesive that is incomparable in the industry. It produces a 30 percent cooler basecoat temperature than typical basecoats and adhesives, which results in less suction and hydration when a final finish is applied. This technology allows for improved finish coverage as well as a faster and easier finish application. The company also introduces 121 Dry HI, a high performance EIFS basecoat and adhesive that is fortified with a unique blend of raw materials for increased impact and puncture resistance. It yields up to 30 percent better impact resistance (compared to standard EIFS basecoats and adhesives). 121 Cool Base and 121 Dry HI are one-component, polymer-modified, cement based dry products that are used as an adhesive to adhere EPS boards to existing substrates, a basecoat to embed reinforcing mesh and a leveler in Parex EIF Systems. Both 121 Cool Base and 121 Dry HI are shipped in 50-pound bags.


Fiberglass extension ladders

Werner Co.

The Compact Three-Piece Fiberglass Extension Ladder series was developed specifically with professionals in mind. The three-piece design lets extension ladders work around tight corners, into elevators and through narrow stairwells. The new Compact Extension Ladder, which comes in five sizes between 16 to 32 feet, delivers tangible benefits without compromising the quality, safety and reach of a traditional two-piece extension ladder. The compact ladders were developed specifically for contracting, telecommunications, electrical and mechanical professionals where the maneuverability and transportation of ladders is extremely important. The compact design provides an ideal solution for transporting ladders both inside full size vans and on top of compact vans. They are also convenient for urban contractors who need to secure equipment and materials inside their vehicles.


EIFS foam wall rasp

Demand Products

Designed specifically to rasp EIFS EPS foam walls, the DuraRasp is a heavily brazed #12 grit tungsten-carbide rasp. In ten months of testing by professional contractors, the product lasts 100 times longer than standard rasp paper. This custom-crafted and serial-numbered tool features non-foam gouging rounded corners and comfort-grip handles. Available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 inch widths, it’s easy to find just the right size to fit any job need. The company also offers self-adhering abrasive rasp paper that can be applied to any standard rasp tool. Using the 4-foot product can sometimes be more efficient as it addresses more surface area and assists in overall substrate flatness.


Trim system for ceilings

Plastic Components

The new RADii trims offer the simple and efficient way to finish a suspended ceiling which terminates at a curved wall or surface. Perfect for outside and inside radius treatments—including compound or S-shapes—these trims eliminate expensive add-ons like extruded metal column rings, radius reveal moldings and wall angles.

  • Non-rusting PVC
  • Minimum radius: 15, 24, 30 and 54-inch


Flexible design ICF wall system


The company’s ICFs provide the highest insulation values and exceptional design flexibility. With only four main components, 12 R-values and wall configurations for any desired wall width, the ICFs are extremely versatile. All building elements can be created on-site with no special order parts required.  The ICFs are an ideal system for extra insulation, radius walls and pre-tied rebar, and seamless integration of walls and floors. All products are manufactured under the ISO:9001 standard and the environmental standard for manufacturers, ISO:14001.


Rainscreen and ventilation mats

Stuc-O-Flex International Inc.

WaterWay Rainscreen Drainage Mats offers a Filter Fabric exceeding AC-38 Criteria for Water Resistive Barriers combined with a Perm Rating more than 240. The product consists of a nylon/polymer core of fused, entangled filaments in varying thicknesses from a nominal 1/4- to 3/4-inch, depending on desired cavity space and cladding selection. Certain profiles are available with a protective Moisture Resistive Filter Fabric bonded to one side or consider WaterWay Plus, a drainage mat incorporating a .45-inch/11-millimeter thick polymer matrix heat laminated to a breathable filter fabric on one side and Typar code compliant (NER-660, CCMC-12892R) weather resistive barrier on the other side. 


Curved metal ceiling system

Armstrong World Ind.

Serpentina Waves, a curved, pre-engineered metal ceiling system that features large-scale panels and no visible grid, is now available in new corrugated panels. The new corrugated panels bring this popular, industrial look to ceilings in the form of a curved metal cloud with a “wave” or “ripple” profile. An ideal way to accent an area, especially in exposed structure or open plenum spaces, the corrugated metal ceiling system imparts a clean, sleek custom look even though it is created with standard ready-to-assemble components. Available in easy-to-specify and install Serpentina Waves kits, the new corrugated panels can be a hill, valley, or hill/valley combination, with either a 30- or 45-degree arc. If none of the kitted options work for a project, other Waves sizes, lengths and arcs can be created using standard Serpentina components.


Veneer plaster system for new drywall or existing finishes

Vella Venetian Plaster Systems

Along with its decorative applications, Vella Veneer Plaster is also an ideal surfacer for taking a Level 3 drywall finish or existing painted orange peel/knockdown textures to a perfect smooth surface and ready for paint.  As most other decorative finishes require a Level 5 surface before applying, the plaster product will simplify the subcontractor’s processes. Utilizing a 5-gallon contractor pail, the addition of an aggregate pack turns this product into a Marmarino finish. The product allows applicators to go over non-uniform surfaces at $10 per gallon and 100 square feet per gallon coverage that competes with other products in production capability and aesthetics.


Foundation insulation system

CertainTeed Insulation

T-Roc is a composite panel comprising GlasRoc paperless gypsum boards permanently laminated to high R-value expanded polystyrene foam. The product is easily installed within conventional concrete wall forms at the time the foundation wall is poured, eliminating the need for stud frame out, batt insulation and drywall. The combination of GlasRoc and EPS delivers superior moisture resistance and provides no food source for mold growth, minimizing mold and mildew concerns. Once installed, T-Roc can be left as installed, painted as is, or can be finished using mesh tape and setting compound, followed by painting. The system enables building professionals to bypass several costly, time-intensive tasks required to turn foundation walls into finished walls as part of a livable basement space.


High density weather resistive barrier


The company’s weather resistive barriers are made of a durable high density polyethylene woven substrate that possesses very high tensile strength that resists the tearing that results from high wind exposure. Superior UV treatment allows exposure for over six months without deterioration. Suitable for a wide range of climates, the housewrap (which meets 2012 Energy Code) minimizes air infiltration, allowing exterior walls to have a higher insulation performance. It also permits moisture to escape the stud wall, preventing damage to the interior wall cavity and prevents bulk water intrusion, protecting the sheathing and stud wall components.


Thermal insulation for drop ceilings


Soniguard is pre-cut, sound-blocking thermal insulation for use with drop ceiling tiles. Placing the product above suspended ceiling tiles will dramatically improve the acoustical performance of any drop ceiling—no matter what type of tile (vinyl, mineral fiber and even tin) is installed. The product is ideal for blocking noise from busy streets, businesses or even within a home. Also, once installed, the product’s 6.0 R-value will help any room feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.