For this benchmark “competition,” we asked contractors to provide us with standard company information and—in their own words—why they feel they are among the top contractors out there. The criteria is multifold: the primary was that a company has to be a contractor and provide services that qualify as that of this industry. Not all contractors provide all services that this magazine reports on so it would be unfair to disqualify any contractors that say didn’t do drywall or plastering.

More subjective however is determining what it means to be a Top Contractor. Our basis was that they needed to strive for excellence in work, have responsible business practices, be progressive through their business model and keep current on business and industry trends. This is no easy task yet we are confident in our selection.

The magazine also did not want to judge a contractor based solely on finances. Some companies that scored very high elected not to have their annual revenues reported. On the flipside, ranking one company higher than another company that earns less than them would be an unfair balance given that smaller companies may not be able to compete on one level but provide a greater strength in another area.

Regardless, the turnout was great for this year. This roster of Top 50 may be incentive for other readers that did not want to participate this year to submit their entries for next year, which will be in our August issue.  

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Walls & Ceilings Top 50 Contractors List

  1.  Ace Resources Inc.
  2. Baker Drywall and Triangle Plastering
  3. Brady Company
  4. California Drywall Co.
  5. Central Ceilings Inc.
  6. C.J. Coakley Co. Inc.
  7. DaFore LLC Fredericksburg
  8. DJ Insulation Inc.
  9. ESCO Services LLC Orlando
  10. F.L. Crane & Sons Inc.
  11. Fe Fi Faux Studios Inc.
  12. Finer Finishes Birmingham
  13. Forks Lath & Plaster Inc.
  14. Fred Shearer & Sons Inc.
  15. F. Richard Wilton Jr. Inc.
  16. Gordon Brown Associates Inc.
  17. Granite State Acoustics Inc.
  18. Harris Plastering & Construction
  19. Heartland Acoustics & Interiors
  20. Heggem-Lundquist
  21. High Caliber Construction LLC
  22. Hoffman's Drywall
  23. Hutch-N-Son Inc. Plano
  24. Ironwood Commerical Builders Inc.
  25. Ivester Drywall & Painting Inc.
  26. JLS Plastering
  27. John C. Lowery Inc.
  28. Kealoha Construction Inc.
  29. KHS&S
  30. Koja Construction Inc.
  31. Martin Integrated Systems
  32. MKB Construction
  33. Nevell Group Inc.
  34. New Image Drywall
  35. OCP Contractors Inc.
  36. Performance Contracting Inc.
  37. Porter Building Systems
  38. Prime Wall System LLC
  39. RG Building & Development
  40. Reitter Stucco & Supply Co Inc.
  41. Roger Kreps Drywall & Plastering Inc.
  42. Ronsco Inc.
  43. RR Cauble Lathing & Plastering Inc.
  44. Sessa Plastering Corp.
  45. Shields Incorporated
  46. Southwest Lath & Plaster
  47. Tarlton and Son Inc.
  48. V&C Drywall Contractors Inc.
  49. WeKando Construction Inc.
  50. Westchester Stucco Inc.