Nevell Group Inc.

Nevell Group Inc. was founded by Michael J. Nevell in 2003. This subcontractor is a commercial interior and exterior wall-system subcontractor with offices in Brea and Carlsbad, Calif. The company has more than 10 years experience in both the public and private sectors including; medical, commercial, hospitality, retail and institutional.

The NGi team has an in-house BIM department using the latest technology to perform the scopes of metal-stud framing, drywall, lath, plastering and fireproofing.

NGi has established an In-House Technology Committee. The committee meets monthly to discuss new ideas and the benefits of implementing new software and hardware. Improving all areas from accounting, preconstruction, BIM and field project management.

NGi has developed trusted networking relationships with general contractors and other specialty trade contractors.

Collaborates with respected competitors/partnerships, forming joint venture opportunities.

Participates in industry organizations such as WWCCA, AWCI, DBIA, ASA, AGC.

NGi believes a strong company culture forms when employees love both what they do and the environment they do it in. They are a vibrant team-oriented company which produces a culture of respect and open communication for each team member.

Nevell Group’s offices provide an ideal work environment with astonishing detail of architecture and interior design showcasing the company’s trade and state of the art technology. The offices are designed with open spaces for co-workers to collaborate easily demonstrating an open door policy.

Some of the many employee perks include: A company contribution to employee retirement accounts, a comprehensive healthcare benefits package in which NGi pays 100 percent of the premiums for employees, spouses and dependents as well as a health club membership for employees and spouses.

The company is family-orientated and focused on each employee maintaining a work/personal life balance. Offering paid vacation time and regular company outings such as an employee appreciation couple’s cruise, family beach party, wine tasting nights and supporting charity events, giving the employees an opportunity to socialize outside of work. One of the most convenient benefits is a fully stocked kitchen so employees can eat lunch together in the office.

NGi has a reputation for being at the forefront of progress. The company realizes the value of partnering and collaboration to achieve the lofty goals of designing and building world class projects.

Its specialized staff, strong preconstruction experience and best-in-class technology sets NGi apart. On many projects, the company’s design team is using 3-D modeling to review constructability, resolve interference issues, coordinate trades, and develop drawings for specific conditions to help make other sub trades productive.

“We are always prepared to provide a design assist approach to a project that will ensure single source responsibility for the design and construction of the project,” says its President and CEO Michael Nevell. “Our extensive capabilities provide the owner and contractor with the highest assurance of a building that often exceed their expectations of performance and aesthetics. NGi provides unparalleled design and construction services backed by extensive staff and labor resources, cash flow, insurance and bonding capability.”

Both preconstruction and construction schedules continue to be reduced. As a result, the company is forced to look for more efficient ways to complete its planning and field scope. NGi believes the teams it brings together in the preconstruction process are what make or break a project. As the company sees it, this is the opportunity to accomplish its internal planning and influence the documents (drawings, model, and schedule) to make the construction phase as efficient and productive as possible.

As an example: NGi provides submittal data for other trades. Its design department details 3-D framing models and produces 2-D drawings for the field to utilize for layout/installation. This allows the foreman to spend more time monitoring productivity and quality instead of spending hours working over this information.

Like any contractor knows, there is constant pressure from the market to lower costs. The company has responded by looking at cost models for prefabrication of many facets of its scope. They believe there are some tasks that can be performed at a lower cost in a manufacturing environment, while others that are more efficient to perform in place. The company seeks out new products that are produced at a lower cost—or even at a higher material cost but reduce the labor cost enough to lower the overall cost.

With the shortage of a younger, talented workforce, NGi has responded by offering opportunities to learn and progress in a positive environment. This attracts many of these individuals to join its team, says Nevell, resulting in a constant stable of young talent to step into the roles of the talent retiring from the trade. The company is also developing ways (as described above) to do pre-planning which takes pressure off of the experienced field team.

Nevell Group has made safety a priority over productivity. “The ‘safety culture’ must come from the top down,” says Nevell. “Every individual from the senior management down must set the tone for the culture of the team.”

 The company has created a Safety Committee that meets every two weeks. The committee is made up of senior management, operations and field employees, as well as its safety director.