The American Concrete Institute (ACI) recently launched its completely new Web site at

Based on feedback from members and customers, the new site features more intuitive navigation, new tools and “Topics in Concrete” sections, and capability to translate the site through a built-in translator. The site will maintain existing committee functionality with an easier-to use interface, and automatically reformat to display on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.  

The main goals of the new website are to increase usability, site-wide navigation, and awareness of ACI programs and membership benefits. ACI content is now structured and optimized to meet the needs of the individual members, customers, and site visitors across the primary roles of engineers, contractors, educators, students, and ACI committee members. Additionally, the site:

  • Increases brand consistency of ACI and the Institute’s products, programs, and membership;
  • Encourages increased engagement between ACI and the concrete design, construction, and materials industry;
  • Increases the ease of site transactions;
  • Encourages exploration and intra-topic product discovery through targeted promotion and member/customer status;
  • Increases opportunity for engagement with diverse audiences, international audiences, and non-English speaking visitors through translation into 70+ different languages;
  • Provides a new vehicle for timely communications on topics of industry and strategic importance:
  • Increases readability and content delivery on mobile and tablet devices; and
  • Increase integration of social media posts and channels;
  • All while preserving the well-worn paths for ACI committee members and leaders.

“Since 1904, members of the American Concrete Institute have been  producing some of the industry’s most respected and comprehensive technical documents, educational resources, and certification programs. The new accelerates access to these materials and programs and with language translation to make digital content multilingual, ” said Anne Ellis, president, American Concrete Institute.  “In particular,’s new ‘Topics in Concrete’ section consolidates  Institute articles, publications, research, committees, online videos, and other learning tools, on over 100 of the most popular concrete topics."  

The new site architecture was developed by Web site information architecture experts at The Understanding Group of Ann Arbor, Mich.  Web page design and brand identity were developed in conjunction with the design team at Q Ltd., also of Ann Arbor, Mich.

The site launched in late 2013, and additional enhancements are planned throughout 2014 and beyond.  For more information and to explore the new site, please visit