Bosch Measuring Tools continues to showcase its innovation in the expanding line laser category with the debut of the new GLL 2-15, a compact and high-performance leveling and alignment solution for professionals. Featuring highly visible laser lines, a smart pendulum leveling system and an over-molded construction, the GLL 2-15 provides the precision, reliability and durability needed on any job site.

Included with the GLL 2-15 is the BM3 Positioning Device giving professionals the versatility needed for multiple leveling and alignment applications. The BM3 can be magnetically attached to metal surfaces, be set on the floor with retractable feet, be mounted to drywall or wood with screws or used for ceiling grid applications. In addition, the GLL 2-15 can be paired with the optional Bosch BP350 Pole System in which users can achieve the greatest adaptability for leveling applications at greater heights or the optional BS 150 Compact Tripod that provides a more compact mounting option and allows precise height adjustments.

The GLL 2-15's smart pendulum leveling system quickly levels the unit for use and alerts the user if an out-of-level situation occurs. Once leveled, the GLL 2-15 is accurate to within 1/8-inch over 33 feet and has a 50-foot working range. A secure transport lock protects the pendulum when the unit is switched off. Simple keypad operation is easy to learn and operate and allows users to efficiently project lines independently, or together, for a wide array of level and alignment applications.

As with all Bosch products for professional users, durability is important. In addition to the secure transport lock to protect the pendulum, Bosch constructed the GLL 2-15 with a robust over-molded construction to protect the device from water, dust and other job site abuse. The package also includes a hard carrying case to protect the tool from job site conditions.

A great benefit of the GLL 2-15 is its versatility. Not only can it handle floor and ceiling applications for drywallers, but it also has the ability to ensure door and window frames are aligned and leveled properly across a room and helps electricians level ceiling light fixtures. Professionals such as plumbers, tilers and carpenters will also find this line laser useful as it provides an efficient leveling and alignment solution from floor to ceiling.

The GLL 2-15 will be available at authorized dealers nationwide beginning January 1, 2014 and will come complete with the BM3 Positioning Device, hard carrying case and batteries. To find out more or to find a local dealer, users may visit or call 877-BOSCH-99.