Hunter Panels has introduced their new Xci 286 product designed for a wide range of exposed applications. Made from energy-efficient Polyiso manufactured to glass fiber reinforced foil facers, one side of Xci 286 is reflective, the other side is white. 

Ideal for exposed interior wall or ceiling applications in new construction or retrofitted buildings, Xci 286 has surpassed rigorous NFPA 286 testing allowing for use without a thermal barrier covering.  Xci 286 comes standard in 25 PSI, ensuring strength and durability to handle whatever application is required, while still providing the high r-value per inch expected from a polyiso insulation material.

Hunter Panels is the country’s leading maker of Polyiso sustainable building solutions for every roofing and wall continuous insulation application. Hunter ships from seven strategically located manufacturing facilities in New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Utah and Washington.