EnergyShield polyiso insulated sheathing is now part of Atlas Wall CI Board. As an essential product in the company’s launch of exciting new continuous insulation polyiso wall board components, EnergyShield anchors the application components for type V construction.

Atlas polyiso is well-known in commercial roof applications. The building industry also knows the EnergyShield name via the many years of product success Atlas has enjoyed while helping the industry meet energy code requirements in commercial and residential wall assemblies.

As code developments continue to solidify the need for continuous insulation wall assemblies in every North American climate zone, Atlas is answering design requirements with the Atlas Wall CI Board brand. The company’s polyiso board products are suitable for many CI applications and assemblies.

The Atlas Wall CI Board product line features EnergyShield, Rboard, EnergyShield PRO and EnergyShield PRO2.

EnergyShield is an ASTM C1289 Type I Class 1 board. EnergyShield is laminated between two foil facers that are reflective on one side and non-reflective on the other.

EnergyShield rigid foam sheathing board is manufactured for use in type V construction and use above grade. It meets ASTM E84 with a flame spread less than 75. It adds thermal control due to its high insulation R-Value. It can be installed at almost any temperature.

EnergyShield meets or exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2010 as a component of a whole building air barrier system. It can also be used as a water-resistive barrier equivalent.