Register now for W&C’s webinar on April 17, “Continuous Insulation: Foam Products & Assemblies,” presented by the Western Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association’s Albert Carrillo. The hour long event is sponsored by Hunter Panels, Owens Corning, Thermafiber and the WWCCA/TSIB. Carrillo also writes the magazine’s Stucco Stop column.

The new energy code regulations will require a more prevalent use of Continuous Insulation over framed wall construction.

The prescriptive approach of utilizing foam insulation on the outboard side of the framed assembly known as Continuous Insulation can mitigate thermal bridging through the stud assembly and also assist in increasing the required R value. This webinar will explore various types of panelized foam exterior claddings and Mass Wall assemblies.

Learning Objectives include:

  • Understand the code requirements.
  • Explore the types of foam used and their performance as an insulating component.
  • View various configurations of foam exterior finished products (panels) and Mass Wall configurations.
  • Describe fire safety, indoor thermal comfort and environmental sustainability.

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