StrucSoft Solutions has managed to attain a worldwide reach as a small business through the company’s star software solution MWF (Metal Wood Framer).  StrucSoft’s client first culture, years of expertise as software developers and providers, has made them the market leader in comprehensive BIM framing solutions, with both off-the shelf and customized products.

With building information modeling becoming an essential aspect of construction, its software has become the solution of choice for many large multi-billion dollar construction projects and companies worldwide.

StrucSoft  Solutions specializes in Autodesk Revit based software and plug-ins related to wood, cold formed steel and structural steel construction.  The company has been an innovator in the field of automation, linking the digital world to the physical world through output to CNC, as well as robotic building stations.

StrucSoft Solution prides itself on its cutting edge technology and constant attention to service, through the understanding of its customers’ needs and the ongoing development of its BIM expertise.