ClarkDietrich Building Systems continues its commitment to providing the most comprehensive lineup of steel framing products with the launch of Barrier Mesh, a heavy-gauge steel mesh designed to safeguard against break-ins and breakouts across the wall system. This tough, rigid mesh is ideal for applications requiring added security, such as correctional facilities, government offices, computer rooms, retail stores and banks.

Barrier Mesh can be used in both metal and wood framing applications and is installed on the framing side of the perimeter wall of the space to be protected. There are various methods to attach Barrier Mesh to the framing, including nails, screws and even tack-welding to steel framing. The recommended BM-Clips act like washers to attach Barrier Mesh to framing members using appropriate threaded fasteners.

According to Christopher Little, Senior Product Manager, ClarkDietrich Building Systems, the mesh’s effectiveness comes from being concealed behind the wall, thereby elevating the level of delay from breach.

“Barrier mesh is a cost effective and time-saving alternative to reinforced concrete or concrete masonry systems that also provided fire-resistant protection,” said Little. “The product is manufactured using carbon steel per ASTM F1267 and EMMA 557-12 standards and is strong enough to meet military specifications as well.”

ClarkDietrich Barrier Mesh comes in four diamond sizes, each with at least two different gauges within those sizes. These different combinations provide varying levels of security—minimum, medium and maximum security—depending on the facilities being served.

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