Construction Specialties Inc. introduces its new line of wall and door protection, Acrovyn by Design and Acrovyn Doors by Design. These revolutionary products offer unprecedented design freedom to architects and designers by embedding high resolution images and logos as well as simulated woods, metals and stones into impact-resistant, rigid sheet material.

Until now, designers and commercial building operators have struggled to incorporate patterns and high resolution graphics into environments such as hospitals, schools, transportation terminals and corporate centers. In many cases, design and durability have been compromised with the use of limited-offering, type-II graphic wall coverings and solid color or wood grain materials that don’t withstand the extensive abuse customary in high traffic environments.

In response, C/S developed Acrovyn by Design composed of a .040 inch-thick rigid sheet made from environmentally-preferable, durable Acrovyn 4000, a PETG compound that contains no PVC, PBTs or halogenated or brominated fire retardants. The rigid sheet serves as a protective shield for graphics and provides impact-resistant, easily cleanable wall protection, which C/S customers have come to expect from the renowned Acrovyn brand. Available in 4'x8' and 4'x10' sheets, Acrovyn by Design can protect and enhance any wall space with high resolution graphics. From subtle visual textures and refined patterns to vivid, space-defining imagery, Acrovyn by Design offers limitless possibilities that can complement C/S Acrovyn’s existing wall and door protection suite.

Acrovyn Doors by Design offer the same durability and design capabilities as Acrovyn by Design while utilizing the standard line of durable Acrovyn Doors customers expect. A facility’s doors can now be included in the interior design, and featured as part of a full mural with Acrovyn by Design or any other surrounding motif -- instead of interrupting it. With no minimum to buy, doors can look like anything customers want.

“Acrovyn by Design and Acrovyn Doors by Design introduce a new level of graphic freedom and protection to commercial interior environments,” said Joe Neidig, Vice President and General Manager at C/S. “These are industry-changing products.”

Many applications of Acrovyn by Design and Acrovyn Doors by Design are unique. Architects and designers can compose their own designs, choose from C/S’ catalog of Organic and Geometric patterns or utilize the in-house design services to create or locate imagery.

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