Fall protection and insulation system

Butler Manufacturing

Sky-Web and Sky-Web II Fall Protection and Insulation Support Systems are the easy-to-install safety systems designed to enhance worker safety and productivity on the jobsite. The system features and benefits include:

  • Web of knotted nylon mesh attaches to the perimeter of the roof’s secondary structural members to protect against leading-edge-of-roof falls.
  • Passive-restraint solution similar to an automobile airbag.
  • No action required by workers, such as tying off with lanyards, to provide safety.
  • Greatly reduces the distance of a fall—and thus the severity of injury.
  • Can remain in place after building is complete to act as a support system for roof insulation.

For more information, visit butlermfg.com.

Note: Sky-Web systems do not eliminate fall hazard from the non-leading edge of the roof and during installation.


Heated jacket

Bosch Power Tools

Bosch Power Tools is heating up job sites this fall with the launch of the company’s first 12V Max heated jacket and battery holster/controller USB power backup. The jacket is water and wind resistant for maximum warmth and flexibility, while also offering a convenient built-in battery backup power source to keep USB-compatible cell phones and other important electronics charged and ready to go. This product also features three quick warming core heat zones that start warming in a matter of minutes and provide up to six hours of heated runtime on low heat level. A three-level heat controller button on the jacket’s chest lights up in red, green and blue to denote heat levels of high, medium and low. Visit boschtools.com for more information.


Podium Ladder

Werner Co.

The company’s new Podium Ladder offers a larger standing surface providing more comfort and four times greater work zone that enables the user to reach all directions from one position. One of the benefits of this design is how easily it enables the user to reach traditionally difficult areas by providing a greater range of motion. The waist high guardrail and the larger platform surface also delivers more comfort for the user required to stand for a prolonged period of time. The guardrail uses the Locktop design that securely and conveniently organizes tools and accessories at the top of the ladder. The functional top is also transformed to serve as a wraparound guardrail for total freedom of movement. The ladder also features the newly designed Edge360 bracing system that increases the size of the ladder foot pad, braces the first step and provides protection at all angles.  For more information, visit us.wernerco.com.


Twenty-foot self retracting lifeline

Capital Safety

The latest Protecta Rebel cable SRL retains all the benefits of a Rebel in a lightweight 20-foot version, ideal for commercial and residential construction and refinery maintenance. With compact, durable thermoplastic housing—stackable on work surfaces—and an ergonomic carrying handle, it’s easy to transport, set up and store this lightweight SRL. The new SRL expands the Rebel cable line to include lengths from 20 feet to 100 feet. Additionally, the side cable exit design enables smooth operation and reduces cable wear. Visit capitalsafety.com for more information.


Safety helmet


Sleek shell design provides attractive style while offering durable protection. High-density polyethylene is incredibly light. Eight-point, six-strap nylon suspension is comfortable and provides exceptional impact absorption. Soft, cushioned brow pad also helps to absorb moisture. Available with an adjustable rotating ratchet suspension. Independently tested to meet the voluntary ANSI Z89.1-2009 standards for high visibility (hi-viz shell colors only), lower temperature, and reverse donning. For more information, visit gatewaysafety.com.