Laser level


The Phone Works mobile app and Laser Level device harness the power of your smartphone to produce level lines and much more. The device uses your headphone jack to project a crosshair laser line, and the free app transforms your phone’s screen into a digital display of your project. The high-definition display shows measurement data and allows you to match and customize angles. Visit for more information.


Sonic measure

Zircon Corporation

Zircon Sonic Measure DM S50L measures interior room dimensions up to 50 feet and features exclusive laser targeting for accuracy. Just point the laser to the far wall, click the READ button, and the distance displays in imperial or metric units. DM S50L automatically calculates area, volume, and double segments. Measuring for carpet, paint, and more has never been easier. Visit for more information.


Rugged, ultra-compact field controllers

Topcon Positioning Systems

The FC-25 series of pocket-sized, rugged field controllers (FC-25 and the FC-25A) utilize Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, which comes with 256 MB RAM and 2 GB of flash memory. The main features of the new systems also include a lightweight design (11.3 ounces), 533MHz processor, five-key keyboard, integrated wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity and much more. Additionally, the FC-25A includes a built-in 3 MP camera, compass and altimeter. Both new units are designed for optimum efficiency, and are productive in various work sites, including GIS and construction projects. For more information, visit


Self-leveling rotary laser

Johnson Level

The 40-6544 Electronic Self-Leveling Horizontal & Vertical Rotary Laser features GreenBrite technology. This is a green beam laser level that features a beam that is 400 percent more visible than red beams when used indoors. The laser beam modes include dot, two adjustable line lengths and two rotational speeds. The height of instrument/tilt alarm function ensures product accuracy because it lets the user know if the laser level has been moved or tampered with on the jobsite when it is in-use. The specs and range for this laser level can be found on the company’s Web site at


Laser distance meter


The micro LM-400 Advanced Laser Distance Meter is capable of reading distances up to 229 feet in length. It is designed with many noteworthy elements for quick and easy viewing, and storing and sharing measurements. Specifically, it features a large, backlit, four-line display screen for a clear view of the reading; an inclination angle measurement system for indirect measurements in hard-to-reach areas; an advanced calculation feature that can adjust units instantly to inches, feet or meters, and enough storage space for saving up to 20 measurements at a time. The new meter is also IP 54 dust proof, splash proof and has an auto shut-off after three minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life.

 Additionally, the LM-400, via Bluetooth, is compatible with smartphones and tablets, allowing users to view, store and share data remotely. For more information, visit