The March product focus features products with lasers!

Layout System Laser

Spectra Precision

The QML800G QuickMark Layout system is composed of two bright, green beam lasers that mark a highly visible “X” at the desired point location. The system communicates via Wifi with an Android tablet controller. Architectural files can be loaded directly onto the tablet and the floor plan can be viewed in the BuildView field software. Locating a point on the floor is as simple as tapping on the desired intersection or point on the drawing. The point is located on the floor with a laser X within a few seconds. For more information, visit


Laser Distance Measurers


Three new Laser Distance Measurers offer backlit high contrast 2¼-inch (measured diagonally) color LCD displays for visibility in various lighting conditions. Each also provides quick measuring for area and volume to support a variety of applications including painting and flooring estimates. The Tool Connect 330-Foot Laser Distance Measurer (DW0330S) and DEWALT Tool Connect 165-Foot Laser Distance Measurer (DW0165S) connect via Bluetooth to store and save measurements and mark up photos on the Tool Connect app. Capable of measuring distances up to 330 feet and 165 feet respectively, and with an accuracy of +/- 1/16 inch at 30 feet each, they feature continuous measurement tracking to quickly and easily find the distance from a target while calculating area and volume and saving historical measurements for reference to the last three measurements. For more information, visit


Rebar and Metal Locator

Zircon Corp.

The MetalliScanner x8 metal locator efficiently locates and determines the depth of 1/2-inch diameter rebar and 1/2-inch diameter copper pipe up to 8 inches deep and automatically differentiates between ferrous (steel, iron) and non-ferrous (aluminum, copper) metal. The tool incorporates three adjustable sensitivity levels for easy unit of measure selection and provides simpler and more accurate scanning over rougher, textured surfaces, even lath and plaster, and detects and pinpoints targets at a much greater depth than conventional technologies. With its ergonomic design, large backlit transflective display for better viewing in both low light and bright light conditions, integrated marker system, and pivoting handle attachment for easier scanning of walls, floors and ceilings, the tool is a high-grade choice.  For more information, visit


Combination Cross-line Lasers


The GCL100-80CG 12V Max (green beam) and Bosch GCL100-80C 12V Max (red beam) Connected Cross-Line Lasers with Plumb Points deliver all-in-one versatility that combines cross-line laser precision and two laser plumb points. Each laser projects visible lines up to 100 feet; the green beam option offers a line that’s four times brighter than standard red beams. These tools feature Bosch-exclusive VisiMax technology, which monitors tool temperature and power consumption to deliver the brightest line for the job. In addition, the two lasers feature 12V Max Lithium-ion power for extended runtime. And users can connect the laser to their smart phone with the free Levelling Remote App to increase precision and productivity on the jobsite. For more information, visit


Android App for Layout

Topcon Position Group

The Magnet Construct is a new app designed to drive the LN-100 Layout Navigator system. The no-cost app, available for the Android market, is built to provide “out-of-the-box” productivity with LN-100W hardware. It offers optional connectivity with Magnet Enterprise for real-time data exchange from active project sites to and from the office within a user’s private company account. Magnet Construct is currently available for Android users to download for free on the Google Play store. For more information, visit