AEP Span’s architectural metal panels were the product of choice for Sutter Health’s new Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital project. It opened on October 25, 2014.

The state-of-the-art hospital features the company’s 24ga Span Seam roof and curve structures colored in a custom Sienna shade. The wall application and equipment screens feature 18ga Box Rib and Reverse Box Rib in Cool Weathered Copper, Cool Sierra Tan, and Cool Zinc Grey—all part of AEP Span’s Cool Dura Tech 5000 standard color offer.

Dura Tech 5000 coating combines the corrosion protection of a ZINCALUMEsubstrate with a durable resin formulation and a cool pigment technology. The cool pigment technology provides excellent color retention and reduces energy demand. Dura Tech 5000 is Energy Star certified and listed on the Cool Roof Rating Council.

Before breaking ground on the project, a team of architects, engineers, and contractors met with the owners to evaluate and organize goals for the project. To ensure a green project design, the facility integrates sustainable building strategies from the ground up and complies with the LEED criteria.

Including AEP Span’s architectural metal panels in Cool Dura Tech 5000 coating—along with other green building material, and LEED-compliant innovations—Sutter Health represents its commitment to the local community that it serves, as well as regional sustainability concerns.