The American Concrete Institute (ACI) has released its 2015 edition of one of its best-selling publications, the Manual of Concrete Practice.

Containing more than 240 documents, the Manual of Concrete Practice is the most comprehensive and largest single source of concrete practice information available in one set. The Manual of Concrete Practice is a must-have for professionals in the concrete industry and contains all of the ACI documents needed to answer any questions about code requirements, specifications, tolerances, concrete proportions, construction methods, evaluation of test results, and many more topics. The Manual of Concrete Practice also includes the totally reorganized 2014 version of ACI 318, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary.

An encyclopedia of concrete technology, the Manual of Concrete Practice has information needed by the engineer, architect, contractor, concrete/concrete product producer.

Topics include:
* Design of reinforced concrete and masonry structures
* Design and construction of floors on grade, pavements, and parking lots
* Specification writing
* Concrete mixture proportioning
* Concrete mixing, transporting, and placing
* Hot- and cold-weather concreting
* Formwork
* Inspection and testing
* Construction tolerances
* Repair, Renovation, and Rehabilitation
* Troubleshooting

The Manual of Concrete Practice is available in a traditional hard copy version, which contains a set of seven books and a separate index, an easy-to-use USB drive version, or an online version.  

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