Built in 1961, Grand Central Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Phoenix, Ariz. consisting of a 20-story high-rise office building with a 4-story attached building that was added on in 1989. Located between Downtown Phoenix and the North Central markets, Grand Central Tower’s 133,619-square-foot office space is a great leasing option for many business types due to its Class B rating.

To keep up with increased competition from new Class A office projects and to reposition themselves for today’s workforce, it is essential for owners to find value-added solutions for their outdated commercial office assets. Being that Grand Central Tower was erected in the late 80’s, international design firm Ware Malcomb of Scottsdale, Ariz. knew the 287,269-square-foot property had to be brought up-to-date with interior and exterior upgrades to accommodate the growing rate of Class A competition while keeping Class B rental rates.

A major part of the renovation were the main entries, which were originally specified as a traditional rout & return wet system; however, Metal Source of Phoenix suggested using Laminators Incorporated’s Omega-Lite ACM panel and their Clip & Caulk installation system due to its cost savings and efficiency. Knowing the entry ways were a crucial part of the exterior renovation, Ware Malcomb and General Contractor, Westpac also of Phoenix agreed to move forward with Metal Source’s proposal.

Architectural Building Products of Buffalo, N.Y. distributed 3,500 square-feet of Omega-Lite panels in the classic, yet eye-catching Bright Silver Metallic. Taking approximately a week from start to finish, Metal Source installed these panels on both the East and West entries of the building.

Omega-Lite panels can be installed and retrofitted over a multitude of substrates with varying installation systems to cater to individual timelines and budgets. In this case, a new modern entrance covered in silver metallic panels had replaced the building’s extremely weathered copper and granite. Most often these improvements can be easily accomplished without disrupting current tenants.

Cost-effective and efficient modernizations are essential to make current and future tenants feel good about going to work in an updated space. They get to experience the quality and feeling of a Class A building in a Class B property with lower rents. An ideal way to do this is with modern building materials including utilizing Laminators Incorporated Omega-Lite aluminum composite panels.