Armstrong World Industries has named CarpetCycle LLC of Newark, N.J., as its 2014 Ceiling Recycler of the Year.

During 2014, CarpetCycle recycled more than 1.9 million square-feet of discarded ceiling panels from 34 different renovation projects instead of sending them to landfills.

The Armstrong award recognizes companies and organizations that make significant environmental contributions through their recycling initiatives. This is the fourth year in a row that the award has been presented to CarpetCycle.

Other companies recognized by Armstrong for their 2014 ceiling recycling efforts include:

  • Top Corporate Recycler — The Kroger Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, 417,000 square-feet.
  • Top Recycling Distributor — GTS Interior Supply, Portland, Ore., 334,000 square-feet.
  • Top Recycling Contractor — Conn Acoustics, Newington, Conn., 274,000 square-feet.

CarpetCycle began recycling ceilings in 2005 as part of the Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program. The program enables building owners to ship ceilings from demolition and renovation projects to the nearest Armstrong ceiling plant as an alternative to landfill disposal. The discarded ceiling panels are then used to manufacture new ceilings through a closed loop process. The new ceiling panels are designated as Ceiling-2-Ceiling items and contain the highest level of post-consumer recycled content in the ceiling industry.

Ceiling recycling can help building owners and contractors save money on container costs and landfill fees and can contribute to LEED credits for Construction Waste Management. Selection of Ceiling-2-Ceiling items can contribute to LEED credits for Recycled Content.

Since it began the program in 1999, Armstrong has recycled more than 173 million square-feet of discarded ceiling panels. This represents more than 86,500 tons of construction waste that has been diverted from landfills.

Founded in 1999, CarpetCycle is involved in the removal, collection, tear-out, and recycling of carpet, carpet padding, ceiling panels, and other construction waste from commercial buildings undergoing renovation.

CarpetCycle is an Armstrong Certified Construction and Demolition (C&D) Processor, which means it can collect used ceilings directly from job sites for recycling. CarpetCycle can also receive ceilings in bulk deliveries from pre-qualified renovation projects.

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