Capitol Materials of Savannah, one of Gypsum Management and Supply Inc.’s fully-owned subsidiaries, recently hosted an open house at its Charleston location, with proceeds benefiting the MUSC Children’s Hospital.

According to the Mimi Dorman, Associate Director of Special Events at MUSC Children's Hospital, all of the funds raised on behalf of the hospital will be used to support pediatric cancer research at MUSC. More than 200 people attended the Open House, held at the Charleston, S.C., location, which was open to all contractors who work with Capitol Materials of Savannah.

The event featured over 20 venders, product displays, and a meet and greet with employees and exhibitors. Raffle tickets, purchased at the event, helped to raise money for the hospital.

Capitol Materials of Savannah, Charleston location, has a personal connection to the children’s hospital—the child of one the company’s employees was diagnosed with Leukemia, and this inspired the company to rally around the work that MUSC does on behalf of the community. During the last two years, Capitol Materials of Savannah, Charleston, has raised over $25,000 for the hospital.

“Is there a more worthy cause than investing in the futures of our children?” says John Young, Yard Manager at Capitol Materials of Savannah, Charleston, S.C., “We’re proud to support such an outstanding organization. The MUSC Children’s Hospital is a vital part of our community, and we’re grateful for the work they do for children.”

All of the proceeds raised through the Open House event will be used for pediatric cancer research at the Darby Children’s Research Institute, part of the pediatric department at the MUSC Children’s Hospital.

The Darby Children’s Research Institute is the only pediatric cancer research facility in the state of South Carolina, making the donation all the more important.

To display its commitment to the well-being of children in the local community, Capitol Materials of Savannah, Charleston, was the tournament sponsor for the Monica Kreber Golf Tournament, and will continue to support the hospital through various efforts.