National Gypsum announced its newest innovation, Gold Bond BRAND XP Fire-Rated 5/16-inch Radius Wall, for radius applications requiring fire-rated assemblies.

XP Fire-Rated 5/16-inch Radius Wall is used in double-layered construction. A one-hour UL tested assembly can be achieved with two layers, and a two-hour UL tested assembly can be achieved with four layers.

“More creative design options become available by using XP Fire-Rated Radius Wall instead of traditional 5/8-inch gypsum board,” said Kelly Guinsler, Gypsum Product Manager for National Gypsum. “Designs can include convex and concave walls with a 2-foot minimum radius. In addition, this gypsum board provides the best resistance to abrasion and mold in the industry compared to standard gypsum board products.”

The special PURPLE XP paper protects against mold, mildew and moisture, and is also abrasion-resistant. Combined with a denser core, XP Fire-Rated Radius Wall provides greater resistance to surface abuse when tested.

XP Fire-Rated 5/16-inch Radius Wall scores and snaps easily, with no special handling requirements. Tapered edges allow joints to be reinforced with ProForm BRAND Joint Tape and concealed with ProForm BRAND Ready Mix or ProForm BRAND Quick SetTM Setting Compounds. For optimum resistance against mold and mildew, ProForm BRAND XP Ready Mix is recommended for use.

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