Foreverboard4Foreverboard is light, strong and resistant product as an alternative to standard drywall. With many features like normal drywall, the product’s proprietary formula makes it easy to handle, durable and smooth while being resistant to fire, water, insect, mildew and mold.

The product is a non-allergenic and non-toxic material. It also has the ability to absorb C02 and zero evidence of a carbon footprint. 


The strong bond between the materials substances means less repairs and stronger gripping for hanging items. Installing nails and screws is the same as drywall, as well as tape and repairs.

This product can be used in both commercial and residential construction as wall, ceiling or backer board. It has been used also as single layer application, SIPS panels, curved surfaces, and substrates for coating, such as stucco.

The environmentally friendly building material can be a substitute for their gypsum drywall without an insignificant change to the budget, all while making a huge difference in the quality and safety of the home.

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