Built in 1922, the 93-year old house belonging to Dara and Dan Morgenstern recently got a facelift. The addition of a new entryway, windows and porch created a transformation that has captured the attention of neighbors, while adding great curb appeal to the Toledo, Ohio home.

"It all started when I was the highest bidder on a Therma-Tru door system for our United Way auction at work," says Dara Morgenstern. "The door and sidelites didn't fit in our existing entryway area so we decided to rethink the entire front of our home."

The vision was to remove a dark brick lower portion of the home and transform it with the addition of a Fypon porch system, new windows and the new fiberglass door. To gain ideas for the porch, Morgenstern rode her bike around a 15-mile radius of her house to look at porches in surrounding neighborhoods. Then, to bring the dream to reality, the Morgensterns hired David R. Webb Builder, Inc.

"We've worked previously with the Morgenstern family so we were pleased to be asked back to tackle this front exterior project," says Dave Webb, president of David R. Webb Builder, Inc. "Dara knew what she wanted on the porch and we worked closely to bring everything together so they would be happy with the completed project."

For the porch itself, that meant using easy-care Fypon polyurethane pieces. A balustrade system comprising top and bottom railings, square balusters, grab railing, newel caps and newel posts  and trim create the expansive porch.

"We've worked with Fypon products in the past for clients and have always had very good results," says Webb. "For the most part installation is easy, and you can't beat the rot- and moisture-resistancy of the product. Fypon products are of high quality with great features. The end result is the pieces leave a good impression and oftentimes they leave a 'wow effect' on a home."

As the renovation work took place, the neighborhood held its breath. "We live on a street that is close to a church, school and small park so there's always a lot of people passing by," says Morgenstern. "Everyone was anxious to see the progress on the house and what the outcome would be. Each step of the way we got compliments."

When the transformation was complete—including new landscaping and a stone base for the porch—the praise poured in. "People really view our house in an entirely new light now," says Morgenstern. "The exterior is brighter and more welcoming. Having a polyurethane porch system has been great. We don't worry about maintenance at all, we just enjoy our time outside. 

"My husband always said the demise of getting to know your neighbors was the invention of air conditioning. He's right. Now that we're outside more we've met many people we wouldn't have met if we were indoors. This porch not only added curb appeal to our home, it also connects us more with our community."