Rockfon and Roxul Inc., subsidiaries of The RockWool Group, hosted their first two-part breakfast seminar on the benefits of stone wool on March 15 at the AIA Center for Architecture in New York City. 
Prominent professionals in the architecture, specifying, interior design and building science industries gathered to learn about the benefits and features of stone wool products including fire resistance, water and mold resistance, excellent acoustical and thermal performance, and dimensional stability. All stone wool products have GreenGuard Gold certification for interior acoustical tiles. 
The seminar began with a segment entitled, “Suspended Ceilings and Acoustical Solutions Using Stone Wool”, led by Kellie Knuff, architectural sales manager NYC, LI, NJ at ROCKFON. Knuff provided insight on key topics including:
The benefits and performance attributes of stone wool versus mineral fiber and fiber glass for acoustical tiles
Basics of acoustics and solutions for acoustical challenges in various interior spaces 
Indoor air quality and energy savings that relate to suspended ceilings 
The ease of installation with stone wool tiles
Different types of grid systems used with acoustical ceilings 
The second segment entitled, “Understanding Stone Wool for Interior and Exterior Commercial Building Applications” was led by ROXUL Architectural Sales Manager, Shawn Torbert, LEED AP, CPHD, CSI. Torbert touched on topics including:
Stone Wool insulation and manufacturing 
Strategies to minimize thermal bridging and moisture risks in the building envelope.
Low-energy/zero-energy design considerations for super insulated buildings
Differences between Stone Wool, glass fiber and foam insulations 
Ecologically sustainable aspects of stone wool 
Applications for stone wool in commercial buildings and low slope roofing
Code changes to IBC Chapter 26 and testing standards for NFPA 285 
The interactive seminar allowed attendees to engage in live product demonstrations and experiment with product samples and displays, providing them with extensive knowledge of stone wool products.