Performance-enhanced Formula for Stucco

Omega Products International

The company now packages its popular E-FX Admix in one-gallon jugs, making it three times more affordable than the standard 4-ounce bottle. The formula is designed to help reduce efflorescence and improve the performance in approved cement-based stucco products. The easy-to-use formula is simply added to the mixture prior to application. It offers long lasting protection from the elements, while retaining the surface’s natural appearance and vapor permeability. The one-gallon jug comes equipped with a pump that collapses and locks for convenient use and storage. For more information, visit


Lath and Mesh Drainage Plane

MortarNet Solutions

LathNet is a factory-assembled expanded metal lath attached to a 1/4-inch thick 90 percent open weave mesh drainage plane. It is used behind all forms of adhered masonry, including stone, thin brick and stucco, and provides a continuous drainage plane behind the veneer to help the walls drain and dry quickly and completely. The mesh acts as a mortar break and prevents mortar from coming in contact with the weather resistant barrier while allowing full lath encapsulation by the base mortar coat. It cuts installation time compared to installing a drainage plane and metal lath separately, and reduces wall penetrations caused by the fasteners. For more information, visit


Stone Thin Veneer

Oldcastle Architectural

Part of its Echelon brand, Kensley Stone Thin Veneer is available in three color options that can be field blended to provide six total color options and is designed specifically to combine the aesthetics of natural limestone with quick and easy installation. The veneer has a traditional ashlar pattern with a 3/8-inch mortar joint that blend looks with minimal installation time. Easy to clean and resistant to salt, water and thaw damage, each stone also offers superior compressive strength compared to typical adhered veneers, while avoiding unwanted flanges on the back of the stone. Intended for non-bearing applications, the lightweight veneers require no footings. For more information, visit


Direct Mount Wood-based Panels


With an appearance similar to the coffered ceiling look of the wood drop ceiling, the direct mount panels and moldings will install over joists, plaster or drywall. The panels are available in five finishes. With a Class C fire rating and a five-year warranty, the products are perfect for all residential applications, and for commercial installations equipped with a built-in fire suppressing sprinkler system. The panels are combined with several molding profiles and color options to match the homeowner’s desired look. For more information, visit


Multi-use Rainscreen System

Plastic Components

Designed for use with exterior stone, stucco, brick, cedar or fiber cement siding, Ultra Drain Mat is an easy to install rainscreen system that provides effective drainage and ventilation. It keeps moisture from entering the wall system through mortar joints, gaps or cracks in the cladding material, and via the edges of wood or fiber cement board. The product creates a continuous capillary break and channel for moisture to drain and also accelerates drying of the exterior cladding. It is available in 1/4-inch .40-inch thicknesses. For more information, visit


Fine Fissured Acoustic Panels

CertainTeed Ceilings

Sereno Fine Fissured High NRC/CAC provides strong performance in both workability and acoustics. The panels improve efficiency, requiring up to 20 percent fewer knife passes per cut than competitors’ standard boards and up to 37 percent fewer passes than competitive fire-rated boards. Each cut results in a smoother, cleaner finish with minimal dust. Its 100 percent non-directional fissure pattern further contributes to its quick and efficient installation process. It provides high in-room sound absorption with room-to-room sound blocking capabilities for privacy, making it ideal for education and office environments. With a rating of .75 NRC/40+ CAC, it exceeds recommended acoustic ratings for classroom use. The product line utilizes 70 percent pre-consumer recycled content and is available in white with six different combinations of size and edge detail, including trim, reveal and narrow reveal. For more information, visit


Molded Corners


The company’s Molded Corners save time by eliminating the need to make complicated miters where multiple beads form a corner. They come in a wide variety of designs for finishing Chamfer, 350 Chamfer, 350 Bull, Bullnose and Step A Bull. Plus, each type of Molded Corner is available in a variety of styles for finishing two-way, three-way, inside and outside corners. For more information, visit


Heated Storage Box


Designed specifically for contractors working in cold environments, the Thermosteel is a heated storage unit that saves money, reduces downtime and prevents damage to tools and materials due to cold temperatures. Simply plug in the heating element when job site temperatures drop below 40 degrees to ensure supplies are safe from extreme temperatures. Along with the new heated functionally, the box is built with all of the traditional KNAACK storage box features. For more information, visit


Sheathing Barrier System

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

The DensElement Barrier System is a sheathing barrier system that integrates a water-resistive and air barrier within the gypsum core through AquaKOR Technology. The system comprises three GP-approved system components: DensElement Sheathing, PROSOCO R-Guard FastFlash liquid flashing to fill and seal joints, fasteners, and other penetrations, and PorousPrep water-based primer to prime exposed gypsum edges. As a system solution, the DensElement Barrier System eliminates the need to apply other water or air barriers that cover or coat the entire wall. The system removes an entire step in the typical weatherization process for commercial buildings, significantly reducing the time it takes to install exterior walls and the water-resistive and air barrier. For more information, visit


Level 5 System

Continental Building Products

Rapid Deco Level 5 System helps ensure a Level 5 finish in less time than traditional methods. Comprising the company’s factory-applied skim-coated Bison Board drywall and complementary joint compound, Rapid Deco takes the guesswork out of on-site applications by incorporating skim coating as part of temperature-controlled, industrial production. Rapid Deco joint compound is specially formulated to match the skim coat. Because the system requires very little time to refine the surface with joint compound after installation, it offers significant savings in comparison to Level 5 projects for which the skim coat is hand- or spray-applied in the field. For more information, visit