The April 2019 Toolbox features a selection of tools for walls and ceilings contractors from manufacturers like QUIKRETE, Marino/WARE, and more. 


Stucco Patch


Designed for full-depth and thin repairs, FastSet Stucco Patch is a Portland cement-based material formulated to restore damaged stucco surfaces. The patch can be textured to match the surrounding stucco profile and can be painted in 90 minutes. Applied with a trowel or putty knife, a 20-pound pail of FastSet will repair about 10 square feet at 1/4 inch thick. The product is shrinkage compensated to prevent cracks in larger repairs. For more information, visit


Packaging Channel

Telling Industries LLC

The company announced PakChan, Packaging Channel, a new safety innovation. It replaces the traditional wooden packaging channel typically used for shipping metal framing. It features roll formed and hemmed edges with wedged ends to prevent cuts and abrasions while loading. The benefits include improved shipping stability and tighter banding which reduces shifting during transit. The product has improved strength and durability and won’t split or crack like wooden packaging channel can. The product is patent pending and is currently being used in Telling’s Ohio plant. For more information, visit


Barrier and Non-bearing Framing


StudRite has one of the best strength-to-mass ratios of any stud in the industry. The product can be used to frame interior bearing and non-bearing walls, as well as exterior walls without limitations, including low rise bearing, high rise non-bearing and pre-fabricated wall panels.

  • High-strength, lightweight C-Stud
  • Increased structural performance due to lip reinforced repetitive triangular cutouts and embossments
  • Efficient design for installing plumbing, heating, electrical and other trades
  • Saves construction professionals valuable time and reduces labor costs

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Steel Header Hanger

Simpson Strong-Tie

The company has developed a new steel header hanger to support cold-formed steel framing box headers as well as large-flange lay-in headers used in curtain-wall construction. The SHH steel header hanger is engineered to ease installation by reducing drywall buildup, and screw count has been minimized with extensive component assembly testing. Common in low- and mid-rise construction of multifamily and commercial building projects, cold-formed steel framing has emerged as a reliable and durable alternative to light-frame wood construction. It is designed to transfer gravity and lateral loads from headers to the jamb studs and to help support the header assembly during installation. In addition, the product has contractor-friendly geometry to reduce drywall buildup with a coped gusset to avoid the bottom track header legs. For more information about the SHH steel header hanger for use with cold-formed steel framing, visit


Self-adhering Flashing Membrane

Keene Building Products

Driwall Membrane is a self-adhering flashing and waterproofing membrane that provides an air and vapor barrier with excellent adhesion for full wall and flashing applications. It easily adheres to virtually all substrates including concrete, galvanized metal, steel, plywood, OSB and gypsum allowing it to deliver outstanding protection from moisture and air in even the most challenging applications. The product is packaged in rolls and produced in two different thicknesses: 40mil and 60mil. Both thicknesses come in a variety of widths to meet your application needs. All versions meet the requirements of your local building code. The product can be applied to concrete foundation walls, plaza decks, tunnels, parking decks, balconies, and foundation waterproofing. For more information, visit