With today’s trend of open collaborative work and educational spaces, a room’s use and sound profile change daily. San Diego-based producer of modern, sustainable design elements, Kirei, further expands their versatile EchoPanel acoustic product line with Wrap, Platoon and Paling acoustical partition solutions to meet the demands of clients.
The modular and reconfigurable Wrap, Paling and Platoon partition solutions are a kit-of-parts system, so they can change to fit needs. Using mix-and-match segments and a set of standard connectors, the freestanding Wrap, Platoon and Paling components can be combined to create nearly infinite design possibilities, flexible and sound absorbing to convert any multi-use or noisy area into a creative, productive space. 

Mix-and-Match Acoustic Control 

Utilizing standard ABS plastic connectors to join the panels, the Wrap, Platoon and Paling acoustic dividers instantly transform spaces with easy assembly, limitless reconfiguration and flat storage. The new pivot hinge connectors, standard on the Platoon, fold 360 degrees for a variety of standing arrangements and similarly allow flat storage when the system is not in use. 
EchoPanel acoustic panels are 1-inch thick modular segments that can retain up to 65 percent of ambient noise, smoothing the sound in any space, reducing distractions and adding functionality to high-traffic, loud areas.  

A Sustainable Story 

All of Kirei’s EchoPanel products and variations began as recycled plastic bottles. Manufactured in Australia, they are comprised of 60 percent recycled plastics, eco-friendly dyes, and no added adhesives, resulting in a GreenTag-certified product ideal for transforming both new construction and retrofits into healthy, acoustically sound spaces.