To complement the host city and this year’s events, Walls & Ceilings spoke with New Orleans-based King Co. Jeff Geary, along with his brother, Cyd Geary, who continuously work hard to create a safe and healthy workplace that specializes in drywall, metal studs, cold form framing, roof trusses, load bearing framing, acoustic ceilings, acoustic wall panels, stucco, EIFS and acoustic plaster at King Company, which was founded by Clifford King in 1932 and became a Limited Partnership in 2000. The company is April’s cover stars of W&C and will be in attendance at this year’s INTEX Expo.
With a location now also in Houston, King Co. is remaining cautiously optimistic of this year’s work outlook, despite the continued slip of oil prices.
Jeff Geary says, “Both Louisiana and Texas are very dependent on oil and gas, which are obviously way down. However, health care and hospitality seem to be strong in both markets.” 
King Co.’s long-term goals are to position themselves to take advantage of opportunities when they arise and to continue to build on the 80-plus years of stability, integrity, and dependability that have been the hallmark of the company. 
“Our greatest achievement as a company is our ability to perform no matter how taunting the task,” stated Jeff Geary. 
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