AD, the $32 billion contractor and industrial products wholesale buying/marketing group, reported sales for all members, across all seven divisions and three countries grew by 9 percent in 2016 Q1 YTD to a record $8.7 billion. Some of this quarter’s growth can be attributed to AD’s newest Division, AD Canada Plumbing & Heating. On a same store basis, AD Member sales grew 3 percent.
Bill Weisberg, AD’s Chairman and CEO comments on the results, “Business conditions continue to be challenging in many regions and segments; but there are strong spots, too. And clearly, AD Members, in every Division, are taking share. With the guidance and support of our AD Board of Directors, we are utilizing our growing economies of scale to make strategic investments to help our members grow now and into the future. AD eCommerce Solutions, AD HR Services, and AD Indirect Spend Services are three such areas of focus.”
Over the last 12 months, AD Members across all divisions hired 1,267 new employees, opened 20 new locations and made five acquisitions.