The Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau (NWCB) has released a new, completely revised edition of its Stucco Resource Guide in both digital and print formats to help design and construction professionals design and build stucco exteriors that are in compliance with the latest industry standards and recommendations.
Similar to previous editions, this fourth edition of the Stucco Resource Guide contains information on the properties of stucco, a comprehensive guide specification, thickness tables and a quality-assurance checklist. This edition also includes information on continuous insulation systems, water-resistive barrier systems, exterior insulation and finishing systems, one-coat stucco and over 200 updated drawings illustrating the proper design and installation of exterior cladding systems. All the sections of the publication have been updated, and the book has expanded from 188 pages in the previous edition to 315 pages in the latest edition. The book incorporates various indexes to make finding information quick and easy.
The fourth edition of the Stucco Resource Guide is now available in print and digital formats and costs $95, or a print and digital combo is available for $140. Prices do not include sales tax, or shipping and handling. The digital edition is compatible with all mobile devices regardless of the platform to help users access this important technical information on the go.
“We are pleased to be providing an updated Stucco Resource Guide in multiple formats, which will assist in the design, installation and inspection of stucco and EIFS in the office and the field,” said Mark Eisenmann, executive director of the NWCB.
The Stucco Resource Guide was first published in 1997 as the first comprehensive manual to designing and building with stucco. This publication has become the definitive resource guide for those working with stucco and has been widely distributed throughout the United States and Canada. To learn more, please visit