The Drake Group will celebrate its 21st anniversary with their annual fall meeting in San Diego from Sept 30th to October 2nd. Founded in the summer of 1995 by a group of visionary independently owned gypsum specialty dealers, The Drake Group is unique in that it is the only gypsum specialty dealer group fully owned and operated by the member companies for the sole benefit of the members.

A select group of leading vendors in the gypsum, steel framing, acoustical, insulation and accessory categories support Drake members in their efforts to use their collective strength to compete more effectively with large national chains.

Drake members benefit from a variety of services offered by the group including networking opportunities with industry leaders, improved marketing channels, education and training opportunities and technology support. The Drake Group was a pioneer in their category by developing an ecommerce solution to consolidate purchase orders from member companies to improve efficiencies for key vendor partners. The vast majority of Drake member purchase orders in major categories are transmitted electronically.

If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to join The Drake Group as a member or a preferred vendor you can find contact information at