Triad has taken panelization to the next level. The Trident Panel Nailer/Stapler Bridge was unveiled during the BCMC Show in Knoxville, Tenn. on Oct. 19 2016. 
The builders spoke and Triad listened. The Trident Bridge was engineered with current and potential customer input. The new bridge incorporates a three gun programmable carriage that gives builders flexibility without compromising speed and efficiency.
The Trident bridge is easily controlled with either a joystick or hand crank as well as a touchscreen for on center spacing. The carriage is lined up with a laser and goes across each stud utilizing all three tools as it does. The bridge can detect openings and does not fire the tools as it glides over the top. The Trident Bridge is more efficient than single tool bar bridges with its unique bi directional nailing, and always at the ready carriage system.  
The innovative design of the Trident Bridge is a direct result of a cooperative effort from engineers to production level and avoids the fallacy of automation for automation’s sake. The Trident Bridge will fit existing Gen II Sheathing Stations as well as Diamond Quad Tables.
More than just machinery, it’s a tuned, integrated bridge that helps Wall Panel Manufactures have flexibility with tool spacing, selections of tool types, and speed for production.  
If the reaction at the BCMC Show is any indication it appears Triad has come up with yet another product the industry has been looking for.  Precise, square walls with reduced labor costs, increased productivity, and increased profits—Triad understands what it is all about.