Walls & Ceilings magazine has selected its 2016 Contractor of the Year, Triad Drywall of Atlanta.

The winner was chosen by a panel consisting of W&C’s publisher, editorial staff and editorial advisory board. The goal of the award is to honor a contractor that employs industry best practices, provides a good working atmosphere for employees, and excels at both quality workmanship and customer service.

“Triad Drywall demonstrates all the characteristics of a successful business outfit: progressive, knowledgeable, charted growth, quality work and experience,” says W&C Associate Editor Marissa Russo. “We’re excited to name the company Contractor of 2016.”  

Since 1995, Triad Drywall has been one of Metro Atlanta’s go-to solutions for wall and ceiling subcontracting. Even further back in time, its owner Gal Gadi has been in the industry since the 1970s. Forty years is a long time in the industry and as he readies to exit and enter a fun retirement life, the industry has served Gadi well. Triad Drywall is a full-service contractor that does drywall, acoustical ceilings, steel framing, renovation work and more.

The company has completed more than 1,000 projects across the commercial, manufacturing, and industrial fields. From new construction to remodels and renovations, from minor interior projects to inception and completion of large projects, the company boasts it delivers on-time and on-budget. Currently, the subcontractor has 80 employees and says it continues to grow.

“Atlanta is very busy right now,” says Gadi. “We continue to pick up new projects. We also continue to build relationships with general contractors we have not worked with in the past.”

Any person that has been to Atlanta within the last 10 to 15 years will attest that it is a growing market, certainly one of the top in the southeast region. In fact, Gadi says that Atlanta is so healthy that he sees the environment in this way: “Currently, the climate brings us two seasons—construction season and construction season.

“The growth has expanded the marketplace where we get to work with general contractors that are not necessarily based out of Atlanta,” he says.



Gadi has seen his share of great and hard times in the industry. Among his accomplishments that he is most proud of with the company, he says Triad Drywall surviving this last recession as a top one.

As someone that has been in the industry for decades, he most enjoys seeing new products enter the market and the evolution of older products. From a design standpoint, he enjoys seeing an architect’s design on paper become a physical structure many people will interact with over the years. What he hasn’t enjoyed is staying competitive against the competition.

In regards to any forecast, the Atlanta market looks good. “It looks like we will be closing the year very strong.”

He likes technology and uses it to the best of the company’s abilities. He says the biggest change is how the industry has gone fully digital—from takeoff software to field management.

In regards to advice to younger contractors that are still navigating the crazy world of contracting, Gadi says put more effort on customer relations. Having a good relationship with your customers can help set you apart, he says. Don’t nickel and dime the customer for every little item. Be more flexible.

He brings up the 2008 housing market crash as the lowest point of his professional career.

“During that time, many GCs and good competitors went out of business. It was a hard time but we managed to push through and keep Triad Drywall alive,” he says.

As Gadi is ready to leave, he says of his team: “I hope I have been able to build a vibrant team who can continue to push the company forward as I release my day to day responsibilities.”