Carnegie is pleased to announce its Gilded Couture Xorel Collection, a glamorous metallic effect in five patterns for walls, panels and upholstery. The technology behind the new collection has been in development since 2012 with the goal to add metal embellishment and maintain Xorel’s sustainability and performance attributes.

The Carnegie Creative Studio, under the design leadership of Creative Executive VP Heather Bush, has developed the five stunning designs: Antoinette, Brigette, Coco, Colette and Moire. “We looked at haute couture garments closely as an exploration for creative techniques for Xorel. Inspired by the way high fashion fabric was enhanced and layered, we created this new glamorous look for Xorel,” states Bush

The color palette works off of a number of standard Xorel weaves embellishing them with thin layers of gold, silver, copper and rose gold lending a stroke of dramatic flair to an interior. 

The new collection includes offerings from Carnegie’s Biobased Xorel line, which is the world’s first and only plant-based high-performance interior textile. Independently vetted, Xorel is the most thoroughly tested textile on the market. Top third-party certifications include Cradle to Cradle, SCS Indoor Advantage and USDA Certified.