With what began as an idea for a better drywall screw morphed into what is now an international company representing thousands of products to the construction industry. Well, that’s what Grabber Construction Products is celebrating this year as it marks its 50th year in business. 

The company shares its name with its first product, a coarse-thread drywall screw that changed the construction industry by replacing galvanized nails as the primary fastener used to hang drywall. Since that time, Grabber has expanded exponentially, bringing to market thousands of professional-grade fasteners, drywall fabrication products, finishing and decking products, tools, adhesives, paint, caulk, scaffolding, and more.

The company today sells more than 16,000 SKUs, and every Grabber product remains centered on its original guiding principle: introducing and bringing to market solutions that serve the best interests of contractors and make their lives easier. To fulfill that vision, Grabber has devised systems and has fine-tuned product details to speed construction processes, improve product performance, and enhance the quality of each finished job.

“Our customers find significance in the Grabber brand,” said Marketing Director Bevan Wulfenstein. “Not only do they experience the quality differences in Grabber products, they see the long-run results. Their jobs get done faster. Their resources are used smarter. They know the products that they select for a job ultimately reflect their reputation. That brings a lot of loyalty—and respect—to the Grabber brand.”

Indeed, Grabber attributes its 50 successful years to strong relationships with contractors, distribution partners, and vendors. “Construction is a bottom-dollar business,” said Wulfenstein, “but we’ve found even when dollars get tight, many customers are willing to stay with us. They trust our relationship and know with Grabber they’ll get quality products, exceptional service, and real-world answers and experience with different product applications. We compete with billion-dollar brands, but our products and our connection with customers help us stand apart.”

Grabber continues to build on its relationships by standing behind the quality of its products, by having the ability and experience to address specialty-need applications, and by having the foresight and reach to bring industry-changing methodologies like the revolutionary PanelMax fabrication system to market. Thanks to the company’s unique reach, knowledge, and relationships, industry leaders and newcomers alike turn to Grabber as the company to bring a new product to the interior construction business.

Grabber Construction Products, Inc. is an international distributor of quality products for construction professionals. Grabber’s line includes premium fasteners and fastening systems for wood, metal and drywall applications in the commercial and residential construction markets. Grabber also distributes a wide range of proprietary tools, accessories, equipment, and building materials to the construction industry.

To learn more about Grabber, its products, and its 50-year anniversary, call 1-800-477-TURN or visit www.Grabberman.com.