Wednesday, April 12: Classroom Instruction (8:45 AM - 5:30 PM)
Location: The Nittany Lion Inn, 200 W Park Ave., State College, Pa. 16803

Thursday, April 13: Jobsite Demonstration (7:30 AM -  1:45 PM)
Location: 910 North Nixon Road, State College, Pa. 16803

State College Cerification Speakers and Coursework 

Clint Shireman
Knauf Insulation

Clint has been supporting Knauf Insulation's outlook on sustainability and improved energy performance since July 2013, where he acquired the skills to enter the residential training field. Clint is excited to assist with furthering the knowledge of HPIP contractors.

Learn the proper installation techniques of EcoSeal+ for common air leaks, and understand where and when to use a gasket to stop air and sound infiltration. 

Grade One Installation
Learn the requirements of a Grade I installation. Understand why installing any insulation system to Grade I is important, and that speed and performance are possible.

Understanding Air Leakage & Sealing in Residential Structures
(Co-presented with Craig Marden, Owens Corning)
Learn the process that causes houses to leak and understand how leaks are measured, practices to reduce leakage, and how a tight building shell benefits aspects of the home. 

Craig Marden
Owens Corning

Craig has 20 years of experience in construction, weatherization and energy efficiency retrofitting, now specializing in Building Science/Sustainability. He has experience as a Construction Manager, HERS & LEED for Homes Rater, Heating System & Solar Thermal Installer, and is a Certified Passive House Consultant.

Understanding Air Leakage & Sealing in Residential Structures
(Co-presented with Clint Shireman, Knauf Insulation)
Code changes are calling for tighter buildings. In this session, we will look at where houses leak air and how much each leak contributes to overall blower door test results in residential structures. We will discuss the methodology of the research, the findings and where to get the most bang for your air sealing buck. 

How Insulation Works
Identify the reasons for employing thermal insulation, and understand basic heat transfer principles. Understand how fiberglass is engineered to deliver outstanding insulation value. 

ProPink Complete, Energy Complete, Comfort SealR + Generic Blow in Wall & Density Testing
Learn how to efficiently install wall fabric and cavity blowing techniques, machine settings, density measurement for site manufactured installation systems, proper installation technique, reasoning for seal/gasket top plates, and material handling. 

Ted Winslow
CertainTeed Insulation

Ted has been involved in the building industry for 10 years, working to develop systems and solutions tailored to the needs of today's building professionals through continuous engagement with a variety of trade organizations and by providing training for the industry.

CertainTeed MemBrain + Grade I Batt Installation
Understand the basics and identify the key details to focus on for installing Grade I Insulation systems. Learn the difference between standard vapor retarders and smart vapor retarders, and how to install a vapor retarder so that it creates and air-right system. 

The Evolution of Buildings, Building Codes and Building Science
This course will focus on the key changes to building energy bodes and how they continue to impact the insulation industry. Learn about the key principles of building science and the role they play in managing these to achieve optimum results. 

Tom Calzavara
Johns Manville

Tom is the North American Field Technical Services Leader for Johns Manville. During his 30 years with the company he has held a vairety of technical, operation and commercial leadership roles.

Attic Insulation
Learn why you should care if attics are blown properly through a procedure to plan, preparing the site, performing and completing the job, and documenting your work. 

Johns Manville Spider® Plus
Understand the principles behind interlocking fiber technology, set-up and calibration of blowing wool equipment, and installation techniques to obtain a Grade I installation. 

Chris Fuerst

Chris has been in the industry for 18 years, starting in the Krendl production facility and gradually moving into sales. He has since become an expert on distribution business and training.

Insulation Equipment: Maintenance & Safety = Productivity & Profits
This is a holistic look for the contractor to maximize each project with all aspects of the blown-in insulation delivery system – creating sustainable equipment and profits. 

Mark Riemesch

Mark has been in the industry for over eight years, working with large national accounts and insulation manufacturers, and focusing on business and project growth.

Insulation Equipment: Performance Stability with Sustainability
Through Krendl Machine’s development, research and testing of all insulation materials; there is a delivery system that maximizes a positive and sustainable productivity. 

Rich Anderson
CertainTeed Machine Works

Richard initially worked in residential construction after graduating from college, before he spent 13 years working for a wholesale building material distributor. Richard is now the Sales and Marketing Manager of CertainTeed, after 16 years with the company.

Blowing Insulation Machine Operation & Safety
The presentation showcases the different components of the insulation blowing machine, safety practices, and what can happen if the operator does not utilize safety features. 

James Ball
MaGrann Associates

James is the Regional Manager for MaGrann Associates in Washington D.C, managing the firm's technical services throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. He has over 8 years of experience with LEED, ENERGY STAR and Indoor airPLUS certifications.

HERS Rater Session
Learn how to achieve each grade and how this may affect your construction time and costs, as well as air sealing scopes of work and what details will achieve the final air leakage tests required on buildings. 

Mike Turns
Performance Systems Development

Mike is a senior program manager heading up residential new construction and energy codes programs for PSD., and is the principal investigator for the Pennsylvania Residential Energy Code Field Study.

PA Energy Code Requirements & Implentation in New Construction Study
Discuss study findings on the effectiveness of energy code implementation and Pennsylvania energy code requirements for insulation installation. 

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