The SBR and DBR spacer bracers for cold-formed steel construction reduce the need for bridging clips. These bracers enable faster stud layout and reduce the overall installed cost of cold-formed steel stud wall construction. The DBR is used for interior walls to eliminate stud bow and allow for quicker drywall attachment, while the SBR is designed for structural exterior walls. Both products provide bracing along the length of the stud, and for head-of-wall slip conditions. The SBR and DBR are the only spacer bracers that have load data from assembly testing to mitigate risk for specifiers.

Key features of the SBR and DBR spacer bracers include:

•Patent-pending, precision-engineered pre-punched slots strategically located to enable 12, 16 and 24 inch on-center stud spacing

•The SBR accommodates 3 5/8- and 6 inch studs in thicknesses of 33 mil (20 ga.) through 68 mil (14 ga.)

•The SBR’s pre-punched holes provide rapid screw installation when spacer-bracer splices are needed for axial load-bearing studs

•The DBR accommodates 2½-, 3 5/8- and 6-inch studs in thicknesses of 15 mil (25 ga. EQ) through 33 mil (20 ga.)

•In off-layout or end-of run conditions, the hat-section profiles enable clip attachments to the stud with Simpson Strong-Tie LSSC or RCA connectors

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