Dust-free Sanding System

Full Circle International

The drywall sanding tools in the company’s Dust-Free Sanding System can be converted for use with either the provided pole or hand module. The complete package includes the Radius360 Air Dust-Free Sanding Tool; the Flex Air Dust-Free Sanding Tool; a two-piece aluminum pole; a 12-foot vacuum hose assembly; a 2-foot flexible hose assembly with damper control; a generous assortment of sanding abrasives; and the necessary adapters and couplings to fit many commercial vacuums. For proper dust extraction, the company recommends using a HEPA vacuum capable of providing a minimum 100 CFM of airflow. For more information and video, visit fullcircleinternational.com.


Sustainable Wallboard

USG Corp.

Developed to answer the demand for sustainable building products, Sheetrock Brand EcoSmart Panels is a wallboard that is both lightweight and sustainable. These panels are built upon the company’s UltraLight technology but now manufactured with a significantly reduced carbon footprint and lower water usage. Scientists at USG’s Corporate Innovation Center developed new gypsum core chemistries and a manufacturing process to reduce 20 percent of carbon dioxide emissions and decrease water usage by 25 percent. These panels also reduce transportation fossil fuel consumption because they are lighter weight. The gypsum boards are available nationwide to distributors in 5/8 inch thickness, and are offered in two core formulations for fire- and non-fire-rated applications. For more information, visit usg.com/eco.


Moisture Meter


There has been so much discussion lately about moisture and mold that both contractors and homeowners are more aware of the damage moisture and mold can do. The Lignomat mini-Ligno SD/C is a high-quality, high-accuracy pin meter with calibrations for drywall and wood. Lighted red LED display is easy to read in dark places and comes with a lifetime warranty. An external electrode is recommended to reach those hard-to-reach places where excess moisture stays hidden. For more information, visit lignomat.com.


Power Mixer

Advance Power Equipment

The Tornado Mixers are a versatile and durable tool that are easy to clean. Designed with a high-tech, robust plastic paddle, it will not tear up the inside of a plastic bucket. Four holes in the Advance Power Tornado Mixer whip and beat paint, mud or texture—whatever you require for walls, drywall cornerbead and ceilings—into an even, homogeneous mixture. The pivoting paddle acts as a squeegee by pulling the mixing material off the sides and bottom of the bucket, further ensuring a uniform mix. For more information, visit advance-equipment.com.


Metal and Stud Detector


The MetalliScanner m40 quickly and easily detects ferrous and non-ferrous metal in wood, drywall, paneling, tile, stucco, plaster, concrete, and other non-metallic surfaces. The product can find studs in lath and plaster walls, without metal mesh, by detecting the nail heads attaching the lath to the stud. The tool is to be used to scan reclaimed lumber and to find plumbing, ductwork, rebar and nails in walls, floors, and ceilings. For more information, visit zircon.com.