Drywall finishing product

Strait-Flex International

The company has launched its newest drywall finishing product, Edge-Tape. Designed to replace traditional tear away bead, the product installs twice as fast and uses half the compound of tear away bead. It is 2 inches wide and comes in a 100-foot roll so it eliminates waste and is easily transported and stored at job sites. The product has a pre-finished (paintable and sandable) paper-face that allows a skim coat to finish, saving you time and money. The PVC backing provides a rigid surface that can span gaps in drywall for a strong, straight finish. The product is used to finish drywall edges to suspended ceilings and for commercial “top out” applications where the drywall meets the concrete ceiling/deck. Unlike tear away bead, Edge-Tape can be installed by the finisher—not the carpenter—using standard compound. No adhesives or mechanical fasteners are needed. Its outer edge features a diamond punch pattern for a superior bond and faster drying with no rippling or blistering.

Specialty hardened pins


The Nailpro Ballistic specialty hardened pins are available in plastic sheet, wire coil, strip plastic and most angles. The pins work in most pneumatic nailers. All small pins are available with fuel cell and fasteners together. Current compressors up to 2 horsepower work on most applications. The pins are available in 1/2 to 1½ inch by .100 sizes. Applications for the product include:

  • Drywall track to concrete and red steel
  • Stucco mesh to block stone and steel
  • Backer board & tackless carpet strips to concrete

Moisture-resistant gypsum panel

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

DensGlass Sheathing is a moisture-resistant gypsum panel that can be used for exterior walls and soffits. It’s so widely architecturally specified and used, that its bright gold color is recognized throughout the industry as a preferred substrate for a full range of water and air barrier products, along with other types of exterior coatings and claddings. Coated fiberglass mats and a moisture-resistant core resist the effects of surface water and weather exposure while providing resistance to mold growth. With a long established track record, DensGlass Sheathing is weather resistant and backed with a limited warranty against delamination and deterioration for up to 12 months of exposure to normal weather conditions. DensGlass Sheathing, like all Dens Brand products, resists mold growth, and has scored a 10, a high level of performance for mold resistance under the ASTM D3273 test method.

Auto-feed screw system

Simpson Strong-Tie

The Quik Drive auto-feed screw driving systems are easy to use, durable and designed for a wide variety of fastener applications in drywall projects. The power tool features quick-loading screw strips, precise countersink adjustment and a patented auto-advance mechanism, saving the contractor time and expense at the job site. The screw driving systems are ideal for drywall because the company’s precision countersink adjustment produces consistent dimples and the auto-feed mechanism allows fast, hassle-free driving.

Drywall jab saw

Ideal Industries Inc.

The Electrician’s Jab Saw is engineered to provide a variety of cutting solutions required for wire installation work while offering good ergonomics and gripping power. A key feature of the saw is its “quick change” fastening system that accepts all reciprocating and hacksaw blades—from specialty blades to wood, metal and demolition blades—enabling the user to cut most construction materials including conduit, wood, PVC or drywall. The contoured head provides the thumb and index finger with excellent slip resistant protection, while the head’s forward weight design concentrates energy on the cutting zone. The tool comes complete with a bi-metal plunge tip wallboard blade that offers an optimum balance of speed and cleanliness of cut. The plunged tip design effortlessly punches through thick drywall and cement board, and features bi-metal construction for a longer service life.