Drywall Grid System


The QuickSpan Locking Drywall Grid System is an innovative ceiling grid system that provides the industry’s longest unsupported spans for flat drywall. It’s engineered and designed for quick easy installation of spans for drywall ceilings in hallways and corridors. The system features a click-in design letting users know when the tee is locked in place, eliminating the need for screws, pop rivets, or crimpers. It also features the Support Clip, providing longer and stronger spans without the need for wires, giving users the strength and stability for seamless installations. For more information, visit certainteed.com/ceilings-and-walls/suspension-systems/products/quickspan-locking-drywall-grid-system.


Diamond-punched Tape

ClarkDietrich Building Systems

ClarkDietrich Edge-Tape creates clean, straight edges, is twice as fast, and uses half the compound compared to tear-off bead. The tape features a diamond-punched pattern for a superior bond, faster drying, with no rippling or blistering. The 100-foot roll can be installed without seams and is easily transported and stored. Use Edge-Tape around window returns, skylights, fiberglass tubs, and commercial top-out applications where concrete decking meets the drywall. It installs with all-purpose compound without the need for spray adhesive or fasteners. Finishers can apply compound, install Edge-Tape, and apply the fill coat in a single trip to the wall. For more information, visit clarkdietrich.com.


Ready Mix Compounds

National Gypsum Co.

Finishing a building, room or wall with the desired aesthetic appearance is important. Lighting conditions, final decoration and use of space are a few of the factors taken into consideration when selecting the ideal level of finish. Based on the Gypsum Association’s new GA-214 Levels of Finish For Gypsum Panel Products document, ProForm Finishing Products has created a series of tools and resources to help users select which of the five levels of finish for gypsum boards is needed to achieve their desired outcome. Located at proformfinishing.com/fivelevels, a new video, infographic and comprehensive usage guide will help the user determine the correct process and fully understand the requirements to achieve their ideal results.


Fire and Sound Rated Drywall Accessories


The company provides a complete line of single step, fire rated/sound rated drywall accessories, that takes the place of fire sealant, remains permanently flexible, provides dynamic movement without cracking. Further information and features include:

  • 093X: Fire-rated control joint
  • Fire Bead: Fire-rated deflection bead
  • Fire Gasket: Firestopping for drywall building joints
  • Sound Gasket: Sound-abatement for drywall building joints
  • HOTROD XL: Fire-rated deflection bead

For more information, visit cemcosteel.com.


Glass Mat Gypsum Panels

PABCO Gypsum

Ideal for commercial projects where pre-rock construction is required, PABCO GLASS Interior can withstand exposure to the elements for up to a year without affecting product performance. Its mold and water-resistant gypsum core encased in a glass fiber mat makes it a perfect product for areas where moisture is a concern such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements and laundry rooms. Available in 5/8- and 1/2-inch sheets, the portfolio includes a full range of glass mat gypsum panels for interior and exterior applications for both commercial and residential projects including GLASS sheathing, shaftliner and interior glass. For more information, visit go.pabcogypsum.com/interiorglass.


Pre-fabricated Soffit Framing

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions

SimpleSoffit Drywall Framing System is a pre-fabricated solution that will save time and labor right out of the box. Main beams are factory-notched to your project dimensions and form perfect angles with just a click. Rout holes for cross tees are manufactured to drawing specifications, reducing material waste on the job. Lose the jig and eliminate on-site fabrication time saving time and labor on every job. Learn more about the efficiencies of pre-engineered drywall framing solutions at armstrongceilings.com/simplesoffit.